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List of Indian Online Shopping Websites (Stores)

Everyday I come to know about a new online shopping website (store) from/for India. I have been using some sites from following list:

  • Infibeam

    book store, electronic, toys, computers, lcd monitors (benq, acer), mobile phones, music, movies and gifts.

  • FlipKart

    book store, mobile phones, music, movies and gift vouchers.

  • ITDepot

    computers, laptops, electronic, accessories, computer hardware, laptop bags, etc. It also hosts stores for Belkin, Logitech, etc.

  • Gadgets.in

    computer, electronic, laptop, wires, connectors, cables, laptop accessories, etc.

  • Pringoo

    t-shirts, mugs, stickers, custom printing and corporate gifts.

  • InkFruit

    t-shirts and mugs.

  • 20North

    imported consumer items. This site would calculate custom duty and shipping cost. If you want convenience of getting things (electronic, computer and other things) from USA and don't want to deal with custom and shipping.

  • Rediff

    One of the oldest online stores in India, it hosts stores for different brands. You can pretty much get most of things (books, electronics, movies, computer hardware and accessories) here.

I would keep updating this post to include more stores, as and when I use or get to know any. BTW! Infibeam accepts Paypal, so that's one of the reasons, it's at top of my list .

Disclaimer: I have only used Infibeam, FlipKart, Pringoo, Gadgets.in and Rediff (long time back). Please understand things before you use any of these sites and please don't blame me, if something goes wrong 🙂

IBM Thinkpad or any other?

I am planning to buy a notebook/laptop. I have company-provided IBM Thinkpad T41, which I like a lot. I am fan of Thinkpad but thought to ask you folks about your choices and opinions about any other brand.

I am wondering, what all other brands are as good as IBM Thinkpad? I am looking for following things:

  • 1400×1250 or higher screen resolution
  • at-least 3 hours battery back-up
  • compact, sleek and strong body

RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Graphics-card etc are things which, I think, most of brands provide various options for.

Oh yeah, what factors you consider before buying a notebook? Your experiences after you bought a notebook and found that you missed something while making decision.