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IDE Factory – Extend your FlexBuilder

I heard about IDE Factory via AXNA a couple of weeks back. I managed to check it out today and I must say it rocks.

If you have done Java development using Eclipse IDE, you are going to love IDE Factory. IDE Factory brings a lot of features to Flex development. Following is the list of features (brought by IDE Factory in FB3), I think would be super useful:-

  • Package Explorer, I love the SWC and Flex/Flash framework stuff
  • E4X Expression Builder
  • Format Flex Source Files – Yup, it can format all source files in the project
  • Extended Wizards for creating ActionScript class/interface and MXML components
  • Cairngorm support

Apart from these, there are some other stuff like asdoc generation, flex-unit tests generation, UML generation, etc.
I am sure, it’s going to evolve to be super useful and would become must-have tool for Flex application development.

It would be great, if they can add support for other Flex frameworks (PureMVC, etc).

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