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Been a while

Hope you all are doing well. I know some of you still visit this space to check what I am up to.

It has been a while since I posted anything here. I am now to let everyone know that I am still around.

I think of writing sometimes but then I go blank. With growing age, I have started feeling I don’t know anything.

Anything I think of writing has already been written, or perhaps not but I think like that. What value my writing will offer? Wouldn’t it add more noise to already noisy internet causing information overload?

I might be wrong. I guess, I can write something that might be useful to someone. I will try to.

Update: Whereabouts

Just in case, you still follow this blog and wondering about me? I thought, it would be fair to leave some details on that.

  • In Kanpur (my hometown)
  • spending most of time on (or around) IndieReign,
  • learning electronics and trying to build something,
  • yet to grow to team, because it is hard to find and get right ones 🙂
  • still does ActionScript, mostly for fun stuff,
  • might start blogging again; got so much to talk about, and share.

Adobe Flash Platform and I

It appears to me (and perhaps others), I have distanced myself from Adobe Flash Platform during last couple of years. Not because I don’t like it, actually I love it, rather due to some other priorities here at our company, which does lot more (web-standards and design) than flash/flex stuff.

All this time, I have been keeping very low profile in flash-platform community, literally not talking about anything. I feel bad about it, I don’t know ‘why’.

I have done some trivial stuff (video players, flashlite and air apps) but nothing very cool or useful to everyone else.

My to-do list contains a long-list of applications targeted towards Adobe Flash Platform (desktop and other devices), I am supposed to do; Considering, my plate is full with all other responsibilities, I am not spending even 1/4th of the time writing actionscript.

Meanwhile, I have tried to encourage my team to learn actionscript and flex-framework. I even tried to hire some flash (or flex?) developers. I even managed to hire one flex developer last year.

Unfortunately, this person left the company as soon as when it was time to contribute back after 6 months training (no contribution period). That was big set back, a discouragement to me; I stopped looking for Flash/Flex developers.

I keep on promising myself, that I would do these applications; I keep on forgiving myself when I am not getting those done.

Anyway, there is still hope, I would building applications the on language (ActionScript), I am very good at. There is still hope, this blog would have more posts related to Adobe Flash Platform.


It’s almost two months, I have not posted anything here as well as on mailing-lists (flex and others).

In case you are wondering, where am I? What I am up to? First of all, thanks for being concerned. I am doing well and currently taking a break while spending time with my family. This is the only such a long (a month or perhaps more) break in last five years, where I am taking time to be with my family. Even in summer of North India, which is not that pleasant compared to that of Pune/Bangalore, I am feeling good.

I think, I need some more time to relax, but I wish I could do that. I have to get back to work and resume things.

During this break, I am not away from programming, I am reading and sometimes writing code. I took break from IMs and emails, I would need to catch up with emails and online buddies when I get back.

If you have sent an email to me and still waiting for response, hope you understand now and don’t mind the delay or no response from my side. Please accept my apologies.

In the end, I would like to share my excitement about Adobe Flash Player 10, which would have some kick-ass features, that it rocks.