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Mobile AIR – When is it coming out?

I have been playing with a lot of mobile widget-platforms. Some of these are Yahoo! Mobile Widget (Yahoo! Go) and S60 WRT.

Both of these are good, but I like S60 WRT when it comes to building widgets for S60 (Symbian) platform. If I have to build widgets for different mobile devices (running on different platforms), Yahoo! Mobile Widget (Blueprint) is good option.

I have to learn new things, which is good, but I was wondering – why can’t I use my existing skills (ActionScript + JS/HTML/CSS) to build things for mobile devices without learning new workflow and technology?

When are we going to see Adobe Integrated Runtime for mobile devices – Mobile AIR? Life would be lot easier, I could transform a lot of my ideas easily into applications?

Hope it happens soon, really soon.

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Yahoo! Avatar Towns

As you know, I am working for Yahoo! for last couple of months. I would be working on Yahoo! Avatars.

I felt like posting about Yahoo! Avatar Towns, which my team has been working for sometime, I am yet to contribute to towns but hope to do very soon.

Yahoo Avatar Towns

Take a look at it and please post your suggestions/feedback on suggestion-board, if any.

You can also send any feedback about towns or avatars in general, by commenting in this post or sending an email to [email protected]

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