Bruce Eckel on Adobe Flex

Bruce Eckel, well known for his books (Thinking in Java etc), has written an interesting article where-in he talks about his views about Adobe Flex and other technologies. Thanks to Matt Chotin for posting this link on his blog.

I remember, Bruce Eckel started playing with Adobe Flex in 2005/2006. We saw some mails from him on flexcoders.

Check out the article


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FlashLite developers from India - Please read

India Adobe Mobile and Devices user-group (IndiMaD) is launched today. Mariam has been working on it for sometime.
If you are working on Adobe FlashLite platform or interested in FlashLite; Please join the group by sending email to [flashliteindia at], we can request Mariam to setup registration form and a mailing-list for it.
Let's start sharing knowledge and developing kick-ass stuff :)

Adobe Online Store - Nothing changed

Last year, I talked about my experience with Adobe (Macromedia) online store. Today, I had similar experience while attempting to purchase Adobe FlexBuilder2 for following reasons:-

  • India still doesn't exist among APAC stores list
  • FlexBuilder2 is not available in International store, I need to contact some reseller? (View screen-shot
  • I can't change my address to have India as my country

Well I have dropped the idea of buying FlexBuilder2 after this. Anyway, I am happy with Flex2SDK and VIM.
I am just wondering, why haven't things changed in last 10-11 months? I was assured by folks that things would get better. I hope, it does. It's really sad to see how Adobe is ignoring a country like India.

Apollo - I am thinking about it

Techcrunch article on Apollo made me think again about Apollo:-

  • How should Apollo's security-sandbox look like?
  • What kind of applications, I would target for Apollo?
  • There must be some guidelines/best-practice to make a successful Apollo app? The way we have today for web-apps.
  • There must be application-signing process? Adobe certified Apollo applications? VeriSign certified application? How these things gonna work?
  • Would it be easy to synchronize my different Apollo installations so that I can have same settings (global or application-level)? The way delicious solves problem for bookmarks, something of that sort? May be access to Bluetooth, Network, IR APIs?

Loads of ideas/questions in my mind. I would wait, think, watch and build. Apollo is still under-development.

Enabling BitmapData.draw (..) on crossdomain images in Adobe Flash Player 9

Adobe Flash Player 8 and 9 have security-sandbox where-in you can not use BitmapData's draw (..) on crossdomain images, as I mentioned in one of my posts. There is no easy way of doing it with Flash Player 8, you need some kind of shim/library.swf or server-side proxy.

Fortunately, Adobe Flash Player 9 has some APIs (Loader, LoaderContext) to make life easier, provided you have a crossdomain.xml with right permission on the server hosting images.

Say "ServerA" has main application and "ServerB" hosts image files. You need to place crossdomain.xml in root of "ServerB". Just having crossdomain.xml is not sufficient, so you need to do something more:-

  1. Create a LoaderContext instance
  2. Set it's checkPolicyFile = true;
  3. Pass LoaderContext instance to Loader.load (..) method, as shown below.
  4. </ol>

    Note: Following code shows the steps, it's not a working example.

    var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest ();
    request.url = "http://ServerB/images/foo.jpg";

    //This is important step..
    var loaderContext:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext ();
    loaderContext.checkPolicyFile = true;

    var loader:Loader = new Loader ();
    loader.load (request, loaderContext);

    //now you can draw.
    var bitmapData:BitampData = new BitmapData (200, 200);
    bitmapData.draw (loader);

    Why we need to this? Doing so would instruct Flash Player not to begin downloading the image file until after attempting to download a policy file. If Flash Player successfully finds policy file with right permission, you are set to do Bitmap drawing.

    Believe me, that's all you need as long as you meet two criteria (crossdomain.xml and checkPolicyFile=true). I would try to post a working example.

Some Adobe Flex/Flash related resources from India

I have compiled a list of sites, mailing-list and bloggers from India. Most of them blog about Flash, Flex, RIA Usability, Web 2.0 etc.



Above list is partial. If I have missed something, please feel free to leave the URL (of blog, site, mailing-lists etc) in the comment. I would update the list.

If you are Adobe Flex developer, you might want to register on International Registry of Flexcoders.

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Yahoo! Podcasts

I noticed following things about Yahoo! Podcasts

  • Doesn't provided RSS (Media RSS) feeds for categories/search. RSS feeds available for "My subscriptions" only.
  • Listening experience is bad because they are using Window Media Player or Quick-Time in popup :). Why not Adobe Flash Player for MP3 files, most of files are MP3?

I hope, they also provide RSS feeds for categories and search. Then I can use Yahoo! Podcasts more often. Second point is not important, I am not sure how many people listen podcasts online.

Flex/ActionScript developers from India - Please read

I am trying to compile a list of Adobe Flex/ActionScript developers from India. If you are one of them, please leave your name and city in comment. I am planning to have a meet or a way (mailing-list etc) to be in contact.

I had planned to start Adobe (Macromedia) Flex user-group in 2005 and I got permissions but things were different then, hence it didn't work well. Now it makes more sense to start working on it. It is also good idea to have platform where we can have more events, meetings etc within India. It is also good way to spread the word (about: Flex/ActionScript/Apollo) in the region and among folks who are not aware of these fantastic technology/tools.

I apologize for posting to a wide audience (MXNA), but this is only to way to find passionate developers :)

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Macbook iSight camera is dead

I tried using built-in iSight of my Macbook and it doesn't work anymore. It was working fine last week. I tried everything (SMC/PMU, volatile memory reset etc) to make sure if it's software issue or hardware. It seems, it's hardware issue. While searching online to learn more about it, I figured out that it's kind of common problem among Macbook users. Some guys noticed this issue just after two days of buying Macbook. I don't know what is problem but this is certainly bad design (loose wires, untaped wires or whatever).
There is no Apple authorized service center (for Macbook) in my city and not sure of quality of work done in near by cities (Mumbai). Bangalore is the only place I can think of now, but that's gonna add at least $200 expense because I don't think it can be fixed in one day so I need to go there two times. And taking time out of work is another problem. I don't know when can I do it. Life is already full of To-dos, this one adds more.
Well this is frustrating, I bought something which is not even used by 10% of total computer users in India, hence lack of service centers. I am upset because I take care of my machines(stuff) and handle properly, still this happened.
You can understand the level of frustration from length of this post for such a small thing.

Adobe releases Flash Player 9 for GNU/Linux (x86)

Adobe released Flash Player 9 for GNU/Linux. Please read the system-requirements before complaining about it :)

Go and get it.

PS: Ok, I am using GNU/Linux because I prefer to do that. No intentions to start any flame-war. I am new to FSF and Open-Source world but I like the philosphy behind it.


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