Again busy..

Again busy..not getting a moment to sit and write anything. But there is always hope, i am very positive. I will get loads of time for R&D and blogging very soon.

EID Mubarak

Today Muslims, across INDIA, are celebrating EID. While other people are celebrating with their family and loved ones. I am alone here in mumbai, working in office. I found office better place than my flat. I am atleast enjoying company of collegues/co-workers.
This is first time, i am away from my family on this auspicious occasion. I Hope, i would celebrate other occasions with my family.
I wish, EID Mubarak to all of my friends who read this blog.

Macromedia Flex & Laszlo Systems

Macromedia made availbale more information about its upcoming product "Macromedia Flex" (code name Royale).
After going through presentation on MM Flex and a whitepaper, i can see the similarties between Flex and another presentation server called "Laszlo Systems".
Both of these work on XML based markup languages for content generation, both of these target RIAs market.
Comparing both products at this early stage won't be fair. I am Waiting for trial version of Flex or Beta testing invitation from MM, then i would be in better position to say more on Flex.
I have already used Laszlo Systems and found it good. Flex seems better than Laszlo Systems in many ways.
Things would be clear soon...

Fonts for Programmers

While going through a post at Joel Spolsky's blog, i got some links to monospaced fonts. Inspired by his search, i threw some keywords in google and found a good list of monospaced font suitable for programmers, most of them are free to use.

I could see the link to Bitstream Vera fonts , which sometimes back Branden Hall mentioned in one of his posts.
Quick Links:-

Yet another post on Mumbai Flash

This time its about sound, some good links which i felt like to share with buddy Indian Flash designers/developers.
I posted them all here on Mumbai Flash.

Breeze Live

Macromedia is giving 15 day trial account of Breeze Live. Now we can atleast evaluate it and may consider it for future projects.
More information on Macromedia Breeze can be found here.

Tile based games

While doing game programming in Flash, one of things i liked, was Tile Based games. Tile based games are relativley simpler in design and good for Flash like platform, where performance is an all-time issue.

I used to refer, (currently OutsideOfSociety).
Recently Tony released some nice tutorials on Tile based game programming in Flash. I liked Tony OO approach which is something not found in Jailbitch tutorials, though logical and conceptual similarties can be seen in both (jailbitch and Tony's) tutorials.
I read them and found interesting, thought to share. Those who are unaware of these tutorials can found them here.

Ramadan Starts..

Ramadan starts from today (Oct 28, 2003). Today is my first fast.
I am feeling great as we get this chance once per year.

Code Hinting in Flash MX

After reading a post by Brajeshwar on regarding Code hinting thingy.

I thought why not upload the document, I wrote a while back. Interested people may find it here for further study on Code Hinting in Flash MX.

Too busy...

it seems, i dont have luck to sleep in my new flat. Since the day, I have taken it on lease i couldnt sleep more than four hours there.
All projects are on fire and i have to stay late nights untill modules are reviewed one by one.
Unable to manage to study anything new, sad i even couldnt do anything in F04 for past many days...
hoping in next 4 days off, i would do something other than sleeping ;)