Yet another night..

Sitting with my team, Project manager & SSG (Senior Specialist Group) member for project review comments.
Its more than 7 days (may be more) i couldn't sleep more than 4 hours..
Lets see how long it goes....

MovieClips as Buttons

Posted a trick on

Access to internet..

I can now access internet from my flat, i dont have any landline neither any dsl nor any cable net connection. I am accessing it using Reliance phone.. My brother sent one for me :) i can now talk to him in less rates. He sent me a data cable also. I can plug the phone to my pc and start using net...
Its really handy and money saving. I don't want to take dedicated dsl/cable connection, it will cost more.
Its really a big shift in these three years, i remember there were times when i had to sit hours to connect to ISP for hours, 9 kbps speed and now i can access internet at 128 kbps without any wire.
Just waiting when these services are free ;)

Flash Forms

Just gave a try to Flash Forms in Flash MX 2004 Pro. I am happy to see that we can make applications using Form based approach and output to Flash Player 6 format.
Thanks GOD, Its going to save my time because i was about to make a content management system in Flash MX.
I am going to use Flash MX 2004 Pro for this. I have to wait for some days till we get our copies of Flash MX 2004 Pro.

One down

Now its 1:24 AM in morning (or night), i am still sitting with my Project Manager for her review report. Let's see how many more change requests i get from her.
I hope its over now, i can say one down. Now i have one after it...

Too much work today...

I am very busy today, still found some minutes to write here :). Three projects, really hard to manage equally. I have to work on priority basis. If all of three are on fire, then priorities become equal and it becomes more harder.
There more change requests from past projects and you have to manage those also with present assignments. I need to take Time Management classes.
I have to be serious and come up with better time management plan otherwise my whole life is going to be like this. Let me think one....

TIS Site

Today i went through TIS Site, I found content has been updated since my last visit. Nice site but i still see some more work to be done.
I hope team dedicated to maintain will soon notice left issues and fix them.
BTW i must say more about TIS - Tata Interactive Systems, one of the largest custom e-Learning Company with CMM-5, PCMM-5 certification and big portfolio, visit TIS site for more information.
Honestly speaking, i love to work at TIS. After three years i have got a right place to work and prove my capabilities and contribute in projects.
Note: If you are a Flash Developer/Designer/Animator, Content Writer/Developer, Instruction Designer and you are interested to work at TIS then you can send your resume to me. I will forward your resume to our HR department and upon any job opening in respective field, they will surely consider your application. launched

Today, which is Mumbai based Flash User's Group site, has been launched and we have been asked to beta test it. I am also one of the authors on blog, Thanks to Brajeshwar.
My first entry at can bee seen here.
I like the site, though Logo of MumbaiFlash is still not available but i hope as soon as MumbaiFlash Static Logo Competition is over, we would see some better logo there.

Update: has been moved to All links above has been updated. Mumbaiflash will not be functional anymore.

MTBeautifier Test 2


function Test() {
var testVar = 10;
var _xml = new XML();

Class and Interfaces in AS2

I have been doing some experiments with AS2 and I find it neat and clean.
It gives higher level of abstraction of AS1 based OO programming.
We used to declare Custom classes using same 'function' keyword which we used for normal functions/method. It made many of us confuse atleast one time.
But now with new 'class' keyword we don't need more prototype or __proto__ hacks for normal projects.
Infact AS2 has brought us near to Java Developers. Syntax of this AS2 is similar to Java, i would call it subset of Java.
We have class, interaface, extends, static, public/private, exception handling like features in AS2 now.
i have done some experiments, will post here soon.