Stay Safe

The 2020 hasn’t started well, our world is going through a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

People across the globe are suffering in many ways; many have died, many others are infected, thousands are under isolation, many thousands are quarantined, and many millions are under lockdown.

Everyone appears so small in front of this virus; from the powerful and developed countries to developing nations with poor population of billions; from richest to poorest.

In this time, every country is looking at other countries for help and support; every human being is counting on another human being for help and support (social distancing and other measures to contain the virus, charity, food, and so on.)

The issues we have been fighting over for decades have become non issues during this time when whole world is trying to fight this common enemy.

However, there are a few (media or politicians or people) who are still doing what they were doing - communalising, spreading hatred, creating enmities between communities, and so on. It appears that they have sold their souls to the satan, and there is no humanity left in them.

We (humans) need to learn a lot from this crisis. We have been bad to the nature and with each other. We have caused so much damage.

We should learn to live in harmony with each other, and the nature; learn to care for each life on this planet, learn to make sure no one is hungry, or thirsty; learn to remove disparities; learn to respect wildlife; learn to respect everyone and everything.

That’s the way we avoid future pandemic if we survive this one.

I hope that this virus is contained before it takes any more lives directly or indirectly (economic aspects of lockdowns).

Stay safe everyone.