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Job Opening: Flash Platform Developer

We are looking for some smart Flash Platform Developers who can be part of our team in Allies Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur, U.P.

We are a design and development company in Kanpur, though we are small but we are ambitious and have a great vision.

I posted the details on Flex-India sometimes back, pasting the same (edited the typos and formatted) over here:-

I have been meaning to post this for sometime but thought would it be appropriate to do that here?

I am part of a small design and development shop in Kanpur, U.P. Where, we mostly do web development using FOSS, mainly LAMP.

I moved to kanpur around 10 months back with a desire to build a great Flash Platform Team that would work on non-trivial type service projects and some great product ideas.

I could now start doing it, after we have managed to fix a lot of issues mostly a nice office, a good culture and some projects and a product in pipeline.

I need an experienced Flash Platform developer in my team, who can help us to make our vision, desire and dreams a reality.

Since Kanpur is not a metro or fancy place to live, it takes more than just technical aptitude to be here. That is some more strong reason f.ex. A desire to be part of a growing team, desire to be close to family, desire to contribute in the development of IT ecosystem in North and/or a desire to prove, hell yeah we can do great stuff from anywhere, even cities like Kanpur 🙂

If you think, you want to help me by being part of my team and understand what I meant above, please don’t hesitate to contact me on [abdul dot qabiz at gmail dot com] off-list i.e. Direct email to me, please don’t reply here on this list.

As far as job description goes, I have already given an idea. However, we are looking for someone who understands web very well that is HTTP and other standards. Fundamentally good at problem solving, the real world ones, ActionScript, Flex Framework, Adobe Flash Player and AIR fundamentals and APIs.

Of course, good experience that says about in your behalf. We would also talk to you so things would get clear, i.e. If we are match for each other.

If you want to know more about company, please check out

Adobe Flash Player on devices

Last week, when I heard about JavaFX Mobile, I thought, why didn’t Adobe make a move yet to push Flash Platform on devices?
Not too long ago, I was wondering about Adobe’s plan for Mobile AIR.
We have recently heard some good news, I must say, some fantastic announcements:-

Adobe and Nokia made a right decision by setting up a fund, it’s really important to have a good ecosystem of developers, designers and content-creators. The success of Adobe Flash Platform over the the years is because of this outstanding community of developers, designers and everyone who has been interested into the platform.
Though, I feel Adobe is little late on doing these. They should have been more aggressive. Some of my wishes, Adobe would:

  • Release some great tools for all platforms (not just Windows and OSX).
  • Provide a good documentation on best-practices, performance, etc
  • Some good reusable libraries, components, etc

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Flashlite: you can’t set standard HTTP headers?

It seems you can’t set most of the standard http headers in Adobe Flashlite, you can set some custom headers. Ok, it’s just like Adobe Flash player security sandbox, but why?
Most of the flashlite applications run in standalone player, not in browser on devices. How I am going to take care of http authentication or similar things. There is no support for more http methods, like head or conditional get requests which make more sense in case of mobile application which run under limited data plan or there is no broadband like stuff for most of users.
I wrote a proof of concept twitter application that runs on flashlite. I want to update it to be like other available apps. I am stuck because Flashlite 3.0 doesn’t let you set Authorization header, whereas, Flashlite 2.0 allows that. There are more issues, like you can’t set http headers in GET request.
Most of these issues also exist in Adobe Flash player, some are security restrictions which make sense for web applications but don’t make sense for mobile applications, as mentioned earlier.
It seems Adobe doesn’t get enough feedback in pre-release cycles or doesn’t consider for various reasons. Get me on pre-release cycle 🙂
Adobe Flashlite rocks, but it has to go a long way, in order to compete with other technologies. It’s not always about video, vector drawing, eye candies, standalone games, great visual design, xml parsing or sockets; application development requires more.
—posted via mobile—

initRIA was cool

It was good to be at initRIA, I met many (known or new) people. The event went fine, we had some good sessions. The following list was the agenda:-

  • Data Visualization in Flex – Raghunath Rao, Adobe
  • Flash for Flex developers – Bhavin Padhiyar, SAP
  • RIAjaxified – Rakshith, Adobe
  • Designing RIAs with RC pattern – Yash Mody, TeknoPoint Multimedia
  • Building Live Documents – An online Office suite leveraging RIA technologies by Sumanth Raghavendra and Adarsh Kini, InstaColl
  • Optimizing Flex and AS3 – Mrinal Wadhwa, SAP
  • Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm Microarchitecture Debabrata Acharjee, CapGemini
  • Birds of a feather

We had couple of more session and some discussions (on Silverlight, AJAX etc) along with the above listed ones. I enjoyed most of the session, there is always something to learn. The most interesting session was by InstaCol guys, who showed us Live-Documents and also shared their experience with Adobe Flex.

I hope, all the slides/presentations (by everyone) would be uploaded to slideshare (preferably) or somewhere.

Around 130+ people were expected to attend (based on registration count) but it seems some fifty people showed up, which is not bad for something that was planned and organized in such a short time-span.

I feel, this is the first event, in India, which is focussed on the Flash Platform at the same time open for talks/discussions on all kind of RIA technologies. I am sure, next time (whenever it happens) we would have enough time to spread the word and developers from different RIA technology background can come up and share their views. As said, it was cool we had discussions on AJAX, Silverlight, AIR, Flex, Flash and RIA in general.

I managed to click some photographs, not really good quality due to my impatient and lazy nature since I have moved to Bangalore :-).Check out photographs.

Thanks to Mrinal Wadhwa of Bangalore FUG for taking the initiative and organizing the event. Thanks to Honeywell guys for a good venue with all facilities.

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FlashLite 2.1 Launcher for Series 60 2nd edition

Update:<Feb 28, 07> I fixed a bug which prevented the launcher from exiting. Optimized the code.

Leonardo Risuleo posted another article on how to create a FlashLite 2.1 launcher. I have read his other article on Adobe devnet. Interestingly, I have also been thinking/doing on same thing for last some days.

I have modified his code to work on Series 60 2nd edition (not tested on all). Also added functionality where SWF would be opened after some delay, because FlashLite player takes around 6-7 seconds to show splash-animation.

You can download the source.  You would need Carbide.C++, if you want to compile without doing much.

If you want to test without compiling, copy Twitter App to E:\Others\Opera\  and then install  .sis.

If you are going to build your own launcher, you would need to change following things in “inc\FlashLite21LauncherConstants.h” :

  • SWF file-path 
  • KMaxWaitTime – You might want to adjust the delay after some test. Default is ten seconds.

Apart from that, please make sure your project has your unique UID. You can either use from protected range or get one from Symbian. You can register on to find more details.

Twitter and FlashLite

I started working on a FlashLite 2.x application to update Twitter status from phone. I have unlimited data-plan, so I can save money by not sending sms messages.

The application just updates the status message but I am thinking to add support for other Twitter APIs. There are bugs in application (not saving credentials in SharedObject, bad graphics, bad user-interaction (UI, soft-key-mapping). I would post the code later after fixing/cleaning.

Meanwhile, if you are interested you can try running this on your FlashLite 2.x enabled device.

BTW! I have Nokia N90 so I made it for it’s screen-size..

Download ZIP 
Download SWF

Macromedia(Adobe) online store sucks

I know it is harsh statement but I am so upset with Macromedia(Adobe)’s online store. I have been trying to buy FlashLite 2.0 from online store but no success. I sent an email to support guys, no reply in last two days. I tried calling toll-free Indian number, it’s always busy, are they busy talking to their girlfriends all the time? I tried calling San Francisco number, no body picks-up.


Following points upset me:-

  • India is not listed in Asia Pacific(APAC) store of
  • I can not buy things from other region-stores because they check for billing address of credit-card then why they are asking for CVV(three-digit-number). I can buy things from Amazon why not here?
  • There is no Paypal integration
  • Support sucks

Importantly, Why the hell, India is not listed in APAC store? How can they ignore India?

I mean, hundreds of developers, like me, would want to buy FlashLite but they can’t for these reasons. I remember, many of my friends (FlashLite developers) kept asking me the ways to download FlashLite, when I was in macromedia. But I could never understand their problem, but today I can really understand how frustrated they must have been.

I just ask, why India is not listed in APAC store?

I spent three nights writing some cool application, bought the expensive Nokia N90 so that I can enjoy seeing my application working on it. But when I try to download the player nothing happens, I am really pissed off. I never said such harsh words in my life(to anyone) but I have to say here because of above reasons.

Hope, you guys understand how I am feeling now..

Update: I want to say more. We (flash)developers do evangelism(unofficially) about Flash/Flashlite in local lists, among non-macromedia developers. But what would be the impression or experience, if a J2ME guy wants to give a try to FlashLite and he is not able to download the player? He would probably drop the idea and might not raise the issue but would surely spread the bad word.
Also wanted to say that I loved Macromedia, love it and it would always be alive in my heart.

Petition To Reliance: Macromedia Flash Lite in Reliance Phones

I have requested Reliance for Macromedia Flash Player support in their devices several times in past. The reason I requested, because Reliance has huge number of subscriber and it would increase in future. And they can actually push the device makers to add support for Flash Player like other operators have done in other part of world.
I even wrote them that how can they can have large developers and designers base in mobile content space. I also wrote about business thingy, which they would be more interested into, how they can have more revenue by providing flash based servies/applications as RWorld services or in some other form.
We all know that, its easy to make applications in Flash than J2ME. Macromedia Flash applications are faster, richer in user experience and easier to be made.
I am posting this message here and I am sure Reliance would hear it someday.