Petition To Reliance: Macromedia Flash Lite in Reliance Phones

I have requested Reliance for Macromedia Flash Player support in their devices several times in past. The reason I requested, because Reliance has huge number of subscriber and it would increase in future. And they can actually push the device makers to add support for Flash Player like other operators have done in other part of world.
I even wrote them that how can they can have large developers and designers base in mobile content space. I also wrote about business thingy, which they would be more interested into, how they can have more revenue by providing flash based servies/applications as RWorld services or in some other form.
We all know that, its easy to make applications in Flash than J2ME. Macromedia Flash applications are faster, richer in user experience and easier to be made.
I am posting this message here and I am sure Reliance would hear it someday.

3 thoughts on “Petition To Reliance: Macromedia Flash Lite in Reliance Phones

  1. Richard Leggett

    Hey I’ve just found this post doing a bit of a search, I wonder, did you hear anything back from MM? The picture looks a lot better now with Samsung signing, others are sure to follow, what do you think?

  2. Abdul Qabiz

    I was expecting Reliance guys say something. MM already has players for various platforms. But mobile operators or mobile companies need to provide it to users, which is not happenening in India.
    However, with Samsung deal, I am sure we will see Flash Player in Reliance phones, which are either Samsung, LG or Nokia phones here in India.
    FYI! You would be able to buy developer version of Flash Lite 1.1 from Macromedia Store very soon. Check out 🙂

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