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Apple India: Broken Service Process

In India, Apple service doesn’t work well. As far as I know, most of Apple customers in India end up paying more to purchase the same products than someone in USA or other countries.

Why are we treated as second class citizens?

Anyway, the current Apple support process in India seems to be:-

  1. Register service-request with Apple India over phone
  2. Take your Apple device to nearest apple-authorised service-provider (AASP)
  3. Give the case-id given by Apple India Support(in step #1 above) to AASP
  4. AASP would run the diagnostic tests, if required, get the parts and fix things.

You might think, that’s a nice process and should work fine?

There are some issues in above process:-

  • Apple India might not register your request and can get away by saying your hardware is overused and not covered in warranty anymore. Unless you are confident and technical enough to explain them things. Not everyone can do that.
  • Not all cities have any authorised service-providers
  • AASP might not be trained enough to deal things as per Apple standards.
  • AASP might have broken process within their organisations, i.e. it takes them days to get details/approvals from their own headquarters and bosses.
  • AASP might miss a step or two required before they can order the parts. If they do it, later Apple makes their life miserable by asking many questions. Eventually a customer suffers.

My recent experience with Apple support process has not been good. Continue reading

Apple Service – my experience

My macbook has started having problems now, after 29 months. It had some problems around an year back but I got it fixed at a local reseller more on personal terms than professional (via Apple Support).

Apple has great products but any great product without good service is of no use. Specially, now I am in a city where I would not find any Apple reseller or service-provider. I don’t want to travel to New Delhi or even Lucknow, there is no certainty that things would be done in time or would be done at all. I am not sure, if local service-providers are trained enough to do quality service?

Apple needs it’s own centers.

Anyway, it seems Apple is yet to grow in India. Perhaps, they would, since their products are quite competitive with other brands in India.
BTW! My macbook might qualify for battery-extension program, but Apple tech support and customer relationship deny that. They say, your macbook is too old (29 months) and battery should be replaced, oh that means I am going to pay at least 4-5 K (INR)?

BTW! I am quite impressed to see HP’s support in Kanpur, if not India. They are amazing, we have got some 4-5 HP notebooks and it’s really impressive to see how HP has been good to us. They don’t even keep our notebooks, if hardware procurement is required and it might take days, they would rather call us as soon as hardware is available and replace things on spot. That’s nice thing, they really understand how important a notebook is to it’s owner.

I was avoiding to write about Apple Service, but I couldn’t resist specially after being denied to the support I am supposed to get, even when I explained them how hard it is to get service done here.

Air Deccan sucks

I was stuck on Mumbai airport for 5-6 hrs because of the worst services by Air Deccan.

My flight to Bangalore was supposed to depart at 1130 hrs. I got a sms early morning that flight departure had been rescheduled to 1445 hrs. When I reach airport, I find that departure is further rescheduled to 1600 hrs. When I check-in, I hear an announcement that flight is delayed by fifteen minutes. Only fifteen minutes?
This is really bad and it seems Air Deccan doesn’t care about passengers. My one day is completely wasted and one more leave is reduced from my leave-quota in office 🙁

Just a couple of weeks back, when I was coming back from Kanpur to Delhi, I was charged Rs. 70/KG of extra-luggage by Air Deccan folks. I was told by their booking-agent that extra-luggage cost is Rs. 25/KG, I confirmed this twice because I knew that I would be having extra-luggage.

Thanks GOD, I had some cash with me otherwise Kanpur airport is in outskirts,miles away from any ATM. And these guys don’t accept cards at check-in counter so what would have happened if I didn’t have enough cash to pay? Either I would have to leave luggage and take flight or I would have to go back?
Later, when I sent a mail to Air Deccan folks, they asked me to see point number x in terms-and-conditions sections on their website.
Anyways, I would prefer not to travel by Air Deccan in future.