Air Deccan sucks

I was stuck on Mumbai airport for 5-6 hrs because of the worst services by Air Deccan.

My flight to Bangalore was supposed to depart at 1130 hrs. I got a sms early morning that flight departure had been rescheduled to 1445 hrs. When I reach airport, I find that departure is further rescheduled to 1600 hrs. When I check-in, I hear an announcement that flight is delayed by fifteen minutes. Only fifteen minutes?
This is really bad and it seems Air Deccan doesn't care about passengers. My one day is completely wasted and one more leave is reduced from my leave-quota in office :(

Just a couple of weeks back, when I was coming back from Kanpur to Delhi, I was charged Rs. 70/KG of extra-luggage by Air Deccan folks. I was told by their booking-agent that extra-luggage cost is Rs. 25/KG, I confirmed this twice because I knew that I would be having extra-luggage.

Thanks GOD, I had some cash with me otherwise Kanpur airport is in outskirts,miles away from any ATM. And these guys don't accept cards at check-in counter so what would have happened if I didn't have enough cash to pay? Either I would have to leave luggage and take flight or I would have to go back?
Later, when I sent a mail to Air Deccan folks, they asked me to see point number x in terms-and-conditions sections on their website.
Anyways, I would prefer not to travel by Air Deccan in future.