Aviary tools: Adobe Flex/AIR based Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

I got to know about Aviary through a colleague. I looked at their site and realized, they have some amazing tools (Flex/AIR based), which are editors/generators for image, vector, 3d, video, audio etc. As mentioned, these tools are web-based (flex) and desktop-client (air).

I am yet to look at their tools which are accessible only on invitation. I hope, I would get an invite soon. Why don't you check it out too?

This is one more example to show why entire flash/flex ecosystem is so cool.

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WWW helped an old-schoolmate find me

An old schoolmate found me via Technorati, Google and Flickr. Thanks WWW for indexing/syndicating/storing all relevant (and irrelevant) data (blog posts, feeds, photographs, comments, mailing-list archives etc) about me.

I kept wondering how my friend got my primary email-id? it's not trivial but determined-person can know it. I am lately very concerned about privacy.

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VIM: ActionScript and MXML syntax files

I am sharing VIM syntax files for ActionScript and MXML, which  I was about to share last-year, I got lazy after Manish's post. I hope, these syntax files would provide more (if not better) syntax-highlighting :-)

Click following links to download/see:-

Yahoo! Open Hack Day - Update

Yahoo! Open Hack Day has started with sessions from Joe Arnold (of Yahoo!), Christian Heilmann (of Yahoo! on Yahoo API and YUI) and Raghu (of Adobe on Flex and Mashup examples). More than hundred hackers have turned up, I am sure there would be more developers coming in, as time passes.

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Adobe acquires Buzzword

Adobe has acquired Buzzword, the word-processor application built using Adobe Flex, by Virtual Ubiquity. It reminds me of Arul's prediction, how some products are good candidates for acquisition by Adobe.

This is really motivating for flex developers. If you can build something cool and useful, Adobe might think of buying it.

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Adobe Flex 3 beta-2, AIR beta-2 and Media Player prerelease version are available on Labs

Adobe has just released new prerelease builds of Adobe Flex 3, AIR and Media Player (AMP) on labs.adobe.com. I downloaded Adobe Media Player and checking it out, it looks good.

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And India wins..

India has won ICC twenty-twenty cricket world-cup. Final match was entertaining, breath-taking and totally cool. Congratulations to everyone. I hope and wish, Indian team continues the same form and wins the upcoming series with Australia.

Yahoo! Open Hack Day in Bangalore

Yahoo! Bangalore is hosting Yahoo! Hack Day between October 5th 2:30pm and October 6th 11pm 2007 at The Taj Residency, Bangalore.

This is indeed a great opportunity to meet other smart people (hackers) and build/hack some cool stuff. Just carry your laptop and no need to worry about other things (Internet, food, snacks etc), I am sure Yahoo! would take care of all that for you.

If you are game, apply here, remember only a select number of developers would be invited.

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We need flexibile crossdomain.xml on Google properties

Ali Mills posted about his experience of Google Developer Day. Where, Ali got to know about Google's plan to host a flexible crossdomain.xml on their servers, which would allow third-party flex-flash-web-applications to access Google APIs.
As we know, Youtube also changed it's crossdomain.xml, which broke many third-party flex-flash-applications consuming YouTube's API. I understand, it was more of security reasons; Lesson to be learnt: Never host a crossdomain.xml (which allows all domains) on your main application server.
Similarly, Gdata, Picasa, Google-Calendar etc don't allow all domains, only Google related properties.
I hope, Google guys hear us (Flash/Flex developers) and host a crossdomain.xml (as promised in Google Developer Day) asap.
Yahoo! has a good team of flash/flex developers, that could be the reason, Yahoo! has always been trying their best to satisfy the needs of developers. The most recent update, sure you all have heard of, Flickr now hosts a flexible crossdomain.xml, you can read more on these places:-

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Google Indic Transliteration - Cool application

Google keeps coming up with innovative stuff, Google Indic Transliteration is one of latest additions. It allows English to Hindi transliteration.

It's an AJAX application with pretty neat user-interface. I have started using it, and spread the word among my friends. The moment I saw, I thought, if there is an API to use it on our application. I don't know, if there is one. I digged and found this URI:-


It would return the JSON data (you might not see some characters):-
while(1); [ { "ew" : "wahan", "hws" : [ "वहाँ","वहां", ] }, { "ew" : "aap", "hws" : [ "आप", ] }, ]

You can send multiple English-words by separating them with comma (,).

That's all, we need to use it in Flex/AIR app. Web-based Flex/Flash applications might require a server-side proxy to use this service, I am not sure, if Google's crossdomain.xml allows access to third-party applications?

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