We need flexibile crossdomain.xml on Google properties

Ali Mills posted about his experience of Google Developer Day. Where, Ali got to know about Google's plan to host a flexible crossdomain.xml on their servers, which would allow third-party flex-flash-web-applications to access Google APIs.
As we know, Youtube also changed it's crossdomain.xml, which broke many third-party flex-flash-applications consuming YouTube's API. I understand, it was more of security reasons; Lesson to be learnt: Never host a crossdomain.xml (which allows all domains) on your main application server.
Similarly, Gdata, Picasa, Google-Calendar etc don't allow all domains, only Google related properties.
I hope, Google guys hear us (Flash/Flex developers) and host a crossdomain.xml (as promised in Google Developer Day) asap.
Yahoo! has a good team of flash/flex developers, that could be the reason, Yahoo! has always been trying their best to satisfy the needs of developers. The most recent update, sure you all have heard of, Flickr now hosts a flexible crossdomain.xml, you can read more on these places:-

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