Watch Youtube videos on Apple TV - Yeah it's working

I have been hitting Update Software option in Apple TV since I have heard about Apple and Youtube deal. It' available now, if you have Apple TV you can update Apple TV software.

To update, go to Apple TV menu > Settings > Update software.

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Indian Adobe Flex/Apollo-AIR consultants - Please read

If you are thinking to do serious Flex consulting or already doing it in India, please read this email thread on flex_India list. It's interesting for individuals or groups.

Email thread link:

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Good time

I have been relaxing for last two weeks, as suggested/recommended in comments on my previous entry. I watched most of the good movies released in last two weeks, had food at different places, watched more movies on DVD, finished some unfinished books, started reading more books, spent time cleaning my apartment, playing with Apple TV and last, but not least, attended BlogcampPune - came up idea for upcoming BarcampPune.
Now time to get back to work, it's calling me :-)

Youtube Remixer - Adobe Remix

Youtube has released some new features and one of them is YouTube Remixer, which is basically customized version of Adobe Remix.

I just remixed some stuff and it's cool :). Check it out.

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Blogcamp Pune

I just returned from Blogcamp Pune, it was fun to meet different (from Barcamp) kind of crowd. I met some more folks and heard some interesting stories, one such session was about flames, threats and stalking by Melody.

I was not prepared but had strong urge to speak on Creative-Commons, Syndication (RSS for podcasters) and microformats. I dropped the idea since not many people would have been interested into such technical session. But it can be nice session, I might talk about these in upcoming BarcampPune, hopefully in July 2007.

Some folks were very new to blogging or have not yet started blogging, I would have loved to see some quick workshop sessions to get them started, unfortunately, most of the sessions were from sponsors and to me all those sounded like marketing-pitch.

Like BlogcampPune (last year), all the sessions were scheduled to be thirty-minutes, which I feel is too short duration for any good interactive-session. I hope, there is dynamic scheduling, if folks are interested in a on-going session, it should be continued and other session can be done in other room/hall.

Tarun Dua was doing live commentary on entire thing, so you can check out his blog for more updates.

As usual, there would be some photographs, check 'em out here. I am too lazy or impatient lately to click photographs, none of these photographs are good :(

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AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime) and Flex 3

Apollo, which was the code name for Adobe desktop runtime, would be known as Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Adobe Flex 3 framework would be cached by Adobe Flash Player for better performance (download wise). Latest beta build of Adobe Flash Player 9 has loads of enhancements.

In short, all these bits are available on labs. Download 'em and give your feedback to Adobe.

Google Gears: ResourceStore and same-orgin policy

I spent some time playing with Google Gears LocalServer (ResourceStore) to cache some video files from YouTube/Google-Video on client. It seems, you can only cache (store) data from same-origin. I might be wrong, but this is what I found.
I would spend more time to find out if there is a way.

Update: Getting YouTube Video (FLV) URL

It seems, YouTube has started using Google cache-servers to serve Flash-Videos (FLV). There is now very easy way to get YouTube FLV files.</p>

That's it, video_id can be found at various places:-

Google Gears Rocks!

I just installed Google Gears (Beta) and checked out some examples. I love the all the features (SQLite-DB, Cache-Server and Workerpool to manage script execuation), Google Gears surly rocks!

Some links to get started:-

Yahoo! Avatar World - Yet another Flash application

Avatar World is Yahoo! messenger plug-in, that allows you to create customized visual chat-rooms and invite friends to join it. You can read more about it on Yahoo! Gallery.

This plug-in is not final release, it's just preview release and that's why it's very slow when you use it. It's a Adobe Flash Application at the core.

yahoo_avatar_world (Custom) (2)

BTW! I was about to work on Yahoo! Avatars project when I was working for Yahoo! Bangalore but I left Yahoo! before that.

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