BitmapData.draw (..) fails due to Security sandbox


I am trying to take snapshot of a movieclip which has many children with loaded swf from different sub-domains. Due to security reasons, BitmapData.draw (..) fails, I am wondering, if there is any good workaround for it? I have crossdomain.xml deployed on all sub-domains with right permissions. I can even add Security.allowDomain (..) for SWFs coming from sub-domains but what to do with JPEG/GIF etc?

I would appreciate if someone from Adobe or community can suggest the right-way or a workaround?

I searched about this problem and came to know of following options:-

  • Create a server-side proxy script, host it with your Flash application in same domain. Your Flash application requests all media/assets through this proxy script. f.ex:
  • Keep BitmapData.draw (..) logic inside a separate SWF in form of methods/functions. Host this SWF with media/asset in same domain. Load this SWF in your main Flash application and generate BitmapData through SWF's functions/methods. I am little concerned about the security, I don't want to allow this SWF to access code in my main application. If one sided (Main app --> SWF) access can solve the problem, it would be great. I need to test it. But another concern, when you are using load-balancing and assets might be coming from different domains (servers), then problem remains same.
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    I found this comment on flashforever very useful.

    Update (Aug 1, 2007): Chris Chen posted a nice workaround to grab video-screenshots for external (crossdomain) videos. His workaround works for AS3 and AS2. Check out it . BTW! You can see an example here, which takes screen-shot of YouTube video.

    Update: It seems there is no way you can draw using BitmapData.draw (..), for media (jpeg, gif, png, flv etc) loading from different domain, in Adobe Flash Player 8 using crossdomain.xml or with a (..) call. This seems to be fixed in Adobe Flash Player 9.

Vivaah - my opinion about movie

Right now watching movie "Vivaah" in Gold adlabs and writing this entry using my phone. Ok, i think I like the movie so far, a movie after long time with good use of Hindi, a movie that targets common people of India, a movie that focuses on small-small details of a typical arranged marriage in India, a movie that shows some emotional moments between engagement and marriage. Interval, more l8r.

Most of people here are laughing. May be, they are not used to of that much of Hindi, they are not able to figure out those small details or emotions which are lost in todays metro/city life or some other things. I find nothing unusal because I have spent most of my life in a small city and village.
I noticed this entry appears on MXNA, sorry about it.
Update:Fixed typo in movie name :)

Three years of blogging

I didn't realize, I have been blogging for little more than three years. Though I had several accounts with and others since 2001/2002. But I got reasons to blog since the launch of this site (

Three years passed, I have not yet been able to blog the way I want to. Yeah, by being more active, writing about things which are helpful to people/community. I am always hopeful, I would start doing sometime soon.

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Brightcove adds fullscreen support to its player

Adobe Flash Player 9.0.28 is available. Apart from bug fixes and security-enhancement, it contains fullscreen-mode feature. If you have not yet updated, go get it.

Brightcove has also released their player supporting fullscreen-mode. Brightcove users running Flash Player 9.0.28 or later would be able to videos in fullscreen-mode. Users with lower version of Flash Player would be prompted to update Flash Player via ExpressInstall.

Check out the video below to see how better experience gets with fullscreen-mode.


What is Adobe Flex?

Adobe Flex is an IDE for building web applications and rich internet applications.

Nah, I don't say that. I learnt this from Google search result as shown below.

I think, Adobe Flex is set of technologies (Framework, SDK, IDE, FDS etc) that together (or individually) allows you to create Rich Internet Application and more for Adobe Flash Platform.

Hope, Adobe web-team (JD?) is reading this post and correct the meta-description.

Searching about Flex made easier

Ted Patrick has been working on a search-engine that would allow us to search different Adobe Flex knowledge-bases (blogs, flexcoders, livedocs, Adobe-Devnet etc) from one place. He has just posted about the search-engine. I would rather let you read his post than rewriting everything here.

Interestingly,this search-engine is developed using Adobe Flex 2.0 and Coldfusion. The source-code is available which would allow you to customize search-engine front-end. I believe, it can be useful for companies who have Adobe Flex development going on and public internet-access is not allowed to employees, yeah there are many such companies :)

Oh yeah, if you write about Adobe Flex on your blog/website. You can get it added to search-engine, it would be indexed too. Follow these instructions.

Java 5.0 and ActionScript 3.0 syntax comparison

I found this link on You can find the comparison between Java 5.0 and ActionScript 3.0 language/syntax. It's helpful for any Java developers who want to try ActionScript 3.0 to build Rich Internet Applications for Adobe Flash Platform.

Comparison link

Rajshri Productions chooses Brightcove for content distribution:

I was talking to Tareef Kawaf of Brightcove this morning and got to know that Rajshri Productions of India have chosen Brightcove's network to distribute their content online. Infact, what excites me more is 'Vivaah', the latest release, is the first Indian movie to premiere on the internet (online). It is also the first Indian movie on Brightcove network, ok I don't mean those pirated (or copyright violations) uploads.
You can watch movie online or (and) download Windows Media Player format (I guess it is WMP with DRM), just for USD ($) 9.99. I would say it's reasonable price.
This is great news and I don't know why but I am very very excited to see this beginning. I am sure, more and more production-houses/studios are going to choose Brightcove network in near future.
Update: I forgot to mention Jeremy's post.

Blogines gets better

Bloglines has added a new feature called Playlists. Following is the description directly from Bloglines:

Playlists let you view your existing feeds in smaller sets available with a single click. What song Playlists are to your MP3 library, Bloglines Playlists are to your Bloglines blogs & feeds.
Glimpse lets you view every feed in your Playlist at once. You'll see the first five postings for each feed--and you can organize the feeds in your Playlist just by dragging and dropping.

I like this feature a lot, it allows me to quickly look at related posts, a big time saver. If you have noticed, Bloglines is getting better day by day. Thanks to Bloglines, they are indeed solving many problems and making us more efficient.
BTW! I am sitting at Bangalore airport using Airtel WIFI. Though Tata Indicom WIFI is also available but they don't have facility that lets you buy WIFI-access online, you need to get some kind scratch-card from some counter, where I don't see anything except a table and a chair :) I can bet, Airtel WIFI would be making more money because they do provide the facility.

Gmail on mobile

Just installed Gmail client on my Nokia N90. Installation was smooth, I have to point my mobile's browser to and page detected my mobile model and installation was finished within few seconds.

User interface is very similar and shortcuts are also simple to use. List of emails are updated one demand, when list is scrolled. It is optimized for mobile screen and data capabilities. Though, I don't like the way it accepts the user-input, probably it's made in J2ME so it uses standard input mode which is different screen to enter and then come back to main screen. I would really like if they allow data-entry in place or edit-in-place.

Overall, it's good and I can now check flexcoders emails more often.

I am listing shortcuts (function key) here, might be useful:

  • Inbox 0
  • Search 1
  • Compose 2
  • Mark as unread 3
  • Delete 7
  • Report spam 8
  • Archive 9
  • Add start *
  • </ul>

    Just wondering, if Gmail client can be made for FlashLite 2.0? Is Gmail API open for such things?