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As you know, I quite Adobe in January this year and then joined Yahoo! I left Yahoo! in April to take a break from work. I joined a startup in Pune in May, leaving my break half-way. I could not stop myself joining this startup because over here I got an opportunity to work on some kick-ass stuff with old friends (Brajeshwar, Arindam, Darshan Sawardekar, Sagar Mahapatro et al), with whom I always wanted to work with. Things are going quite fine and keeping me busy all the time, which is cool.
I am working on a project using extensive ActionScript 2.0 and other web stuff for last three months. Having worked in ActionScript 3.0 and Flex for more than one year (yeah, internally in Macromedia/Adobe), I was finding little different to go back to old version of language/Flash Player, may be over the period I got too used to of luxuries in Adobe Flash Player 9.
But I always enjoy solving problem and creating things which would be good experience and usable to end users. If it takes me learning new things or writing code in C/C++, ActionScript 1.0/2. 0, I am up for it. I am sure, most of people think that way.
As usual, there has never been much activities in personal life, but it's kind of zero now. I am spending most of time at work, working, eating, sleeping etc.
Anyways, I am always hopeful that one day I would be very regular at posting stuff on my blog, mailing-lists. So with that hope, I conclude this post :)

Happy Independence Day...

I wish everyone in India and abroad a very Happy Independence Day. Yeah, August 15, we (Indians) celebrate our Independence. I miss my school days where I used to get an opportunity every year to celebrate with my school mates. I still celebrate in my own way, I don't stop working rather try to be more efficient and pray/thank for/to every freedom fighter, without whom we would not see this day.
I think, we unconsciously celebrate it every moment of our day. Weather its sipping coffee in a cafe, walking freely on streets, wearing any kind of cloths, expressing yourself freely, studying in a school you want to, free media etc. All these would never been possible without this freedom, for which many-many people sacrificed their interests, lives, families and more.
BTW! Is everyone really free to live the life they want to? No, many can't do because of poverty, some can't do because of racism/discrimination of any form. Innocent people are dieing everyday because of many reasons (racism, terrorism, bad policies of some countries, bloody-dirty-politics, poverty etc). I am sure, none of these things were imagined by our freedom fighters when they sacrificed their entire life to make this country (or this world) a better place.
We need to be more conscious and start respecting our freedom and try to make this world a better place by doing right things. Things are going so wrong today that we are afraid of so many things. We have our enemy in our own planet, which is sad.
I pray that we have a better world tomorrow and onwards. A world which has peace, love, no arms, no boundaries, no religion. A world where we have more trust in each other, where we have no poverty, where we have better reasons in life; no materialism.

Yahoo! Messenger 8 beta deleted message archives

This evening, I trusted Yahoo! Messenger beta which is of course of beta quality. I installed it to check the new Yahoo! and MSN thingy.
Just now, I noticed it deleted entire message archive while installation.
Sad :(


Xhtmlized.com takes your design and turn them into XHTML/CSS, it's manual process which takes atmost five days. Price is also reasonable ($149 per design).
It's also talked on Techcrunch.com

Adobe Flex 2.0 released

Adobe Flex 2 has been released, I got to know from Matt's blog. With this release Flex.org has also been announced.

Check out Flex.org for more information.

Download Flex 2.0 (Free SDK or FlexBuilder 2.0 trial)

Update: Raghu ( a friend and engineer in Adobe Flex team) blogged about Flex 2.0 release. He also posted the picture of "About Flex Builder 2.0" screen. I can see my name there also, it feels great that Flex team remembered me for my contributions. Though I left couple of months before this release but I am super excited and feeling great as if I am still part of that team.

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Adobe Flash Player 9 released

Adobe Flash Player 9 has been released finally. All Flash/Flex developers/designers have been waiting for it.

Adobe Flash Player 9 has totally overhauled virtual machine with a better language (ActionScript 3 or AS3), JIT compiler, better garbage collector, new display-list architecture, binary-sockets and much more.

It is indeed party time, like I said in my thanks note, a few days back.

Download/Install Adobe Flash Player 9

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Are you a Flex developer? Register

Tariq Ahmed sent me link of flexcoders.net. Which is a site that hosts International Registery of Flex developers (flexcoders).

If you are a Flex developer, register yourself.

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My blog and IE

After a long time, today I checked my blog in Internet Explorer. I found that there are many bugs. I would fix it soon. If you had problem reading post because of it, I am sorry about it.

Yahoo! Messenger Plugin SDK

When I was in Yahoo!, I heard about this new plugin architecture in Yahoo! Messenger. I was very excited because I could extend the capabilities of Yahoo! Messenger with my current skills set (ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, C++). Now this is public, I can talk about it.
You can download the latest beta of Yahoo! Messenger and get the Yahoo! Messenger Plugin SDK (which contains a sdk documentation and one example plugin).
Justin has also blogged about it. I am sure, we would soon see some cool plugins. Yeah, I also have my own ideas which I would hopefully able to do in my free time.
Meanwhile, check out plugin-gallery for some cool plugins.

Access your remote PC, Skype with SoonR

SoonR allows you to access your remote PC, skype account, Outlook etc from your mobile device without installing any software on your mobile device. However, you need to install SoonR desktop client on your PC.
Check out it's features. Also check out two posts on Om Malik's blog for review and comments.
SoonR has signed a deal with Tata Indicom. Interesting thing is, Tata Indicom guys got to know about SoonR from GigaOm.