Happy Independence Day...

I wish everyone in India and abroad a very Happy Independence Day. Yeah, August 15, we (Indians) celebrate our Independence. I miss my school days where I used to get an opportunity every year to celebrate with my school mates. I still celebrate in my own way, I don't stop working rather try to be more efficient and pray/thank for/to every freedom fighter, without whom we would not see this day.
I think, we unconsciously celebrate it every moment of our day. Weather its sipping coffee in a cafe, walking freely on streets, wearing any kind of cloths, expressing yourself freely, studying in a school you want to, free media etc. All these would never been possible without this freedom, for which many-many people sacrificed their interests, lives, families and more.
BTW! Is everyone really free to live the life they want to? No, many can't do because of poverty, some can't do because of racism/discrimination of any form. Innocent people are dieing everyday because of many reasons (racism, terrorism, bad policies of some countries, bloody-dirty-politics, poverty etc). I am sure, none of these things were imagined by our freedom fighters when they sacrificed their entire life to make this country (or this world) a better place.
We need to be more conscious and start respecting our freedom and try to make this world a better place by doing right things. Things are going so wrong today that we are afraid of so many things. We have our enemy in our own planet, which is sad.
I pray that we have a better world tomorrow and onwards. A world which has peace, love, no arms, no boundaries, no religion. A world where we have more trust in each other, where we have no poverty, where we have better reasons in life; no materialism.