Symantec Mobile Security for Symbian

Symantec has released a public beta of their Mobile Security software for Symbian 60/80 series. It's really nice move. I am not aware of any other company providing an anti-virus software for Symbian or Nokia 60/80 series.
I just installed it on my Nokia 6600, it works fine. It has features like auto-protect, firewall & live-update.
These days mobile viruses are getting very common, I remember a few days back my phone(Nokia 6600) was bombarded by many Bluetooth messages containing some kind of .sis file, it might have been a self-distributing virus.
Mobile is happening and next big thing. Early starters would have advantage in coming time. There is so much to happen, it's all about providing applications which solve some problems. For example, a scientific calculator which has a very usable UI and which solves problems with accuracy. UI would play a key role in success of these applications.
Greeting cards, ring tones, wall papers, games etc are some thing any multimedia designers/developers can start making for Mobile devices, India has market for these(entertainment etc) things now.

Tabs in Flash Textfield

I want to know if there is any way to use TAB key within a text
field, in Actionscript. I want four space characters to be inserted
inside a text field, whenever a user presses "TAB" button, instead of
selecting the object with next tab index. Can anyone tell me if and
how it is possible?

This question was asked on IndiaMMUG list. I found a quick & dirty solution for this. Yeah, it's achieved using a button and on(keyPress "") { } handler...
Here is my answer:
1) Keep a button in offstage area
2) Put the following code on the button:</p>

on(keyPress "") {
if(Selection.getFocus() == targetPath(_txt)) {
var ci = Selection.getCaretIndex();
//assuming _txt is instance of textfield
var _str:String = _txt.text;
var arr:Array = _str.split("");	 arr.splice(ci, 0, "\t");
_txt.text = arr.join("");
Selection.setSelection(ci+1, ci+1);
delete arr;

This is just logic and there is whole big room for improvement and all best practices :)
It might have many bugs, I have not tested it...
Above code works on the cost of *NO* Tabbing in flash movie, which means pressing Tab won't shift focus to different object(movieclip, button, components etc). But I am sure, that can be achieved with more code and better logic. Probably attaching/removing code when Textfield gets/looses focus...
You can:

Code beautifier never works because I have not fixed it yet ;)

Macromedia MAX 2005 is over

Macromedia MAX 2005 got over today after two full days of different interesting sessions on Macromedia Flash, Flex, FlashLite, RIA best practices/guidelines & interesting sneak-peak of Maelstrom-Next-Gen-Flash-Player.
I couldn't meet Bill Perry, during break he was surrounded by lots of folks. I thought to meet him little later, but he left after his session before I could notice. Anyways, there is always next...
More than three hundred people attended this event. I met some friends and very interesting people, who are very passionate about Macromedia Flash/Flex or other Macromedia technologies. Also met some who can be good friends.
I like being at conferences/events, it gives me a chance to know what other developers are doing. Sometimes, you get to know of some kick-ass stuff being developed by creative designers/developers. Yeah, of course, everyone enjoys the company of like-minded people...
Some good and interesting questions were asked. Manish has already blogged about.
We also announced that we are planning to have a Macromedia Flex user group in Bangalore and India. Flex developers present in conference liked the idea and infact some of them have requested for a user-group even before our announcement was made. That's cool!
As Manish mentions, its really cool to see Flex developers in India who are actually using/used the Flex. It's nice to know their experience using Macromedia Flex, yeah not everything is cool & they do find a few uncool thing...
Guys, we will try to make uncool stuff more cooler in coming versions. But keep sending us the issues using Macromedia feedback-app. You can always send an email to me(aqabiz-at-macromedia-dot-com) regarding any issue you find in Macromedia Flex.
I liked the presentation given by Cyril Ferry of India Games. I know this company since they started. It's nice to see that a company started by a bunch of folks now have some 170+ developers/designers working for it. They started developing games for pc & consoles and now they are doing good in Mobile gaming/entertainment business. India-Games guys are pushing Macromedia FlashLite in India or abroad. That's great, keep it up guys, you make us feel proud of India..
I wish Reliance also realizes that by embracing FlashLite, they can make huge revenue. I already petitioned.
Yeah, one more thing. If you are a Flex developer or a Flash developer or anyone who is interested Flex development, please join flexcoders Yahoo! group. It has a very active mailing list. I am sure your queries/doubts would be solved by just looking into archives or asking in the list. You are always welcome to share your ideas, your experiences(bad or good) with Flex & your experiments with Flex.
BTW! Manish is doing a great job of archiving Flexcoders mails. He will soon upload these searchable archive to some server. That's a big community work...Keep it up dude!

Macromedia Flex won Jolt Award

This needs to be blogged :)..
Macromedia Flex won Jolt award, some other Macromedia products which won the same are FlashLite, Captivate & Contribute.
Congratulations to everyone(Macromedia team, Beta testers, the great Community & all) involved in making these products successful...

Let's meet at Macromedia MAX 2005, Bangalore

Macromedia MAX is happening first time in India. I will be attending this two day event on March 17th & March 18th in Bangalore.
I am quite excited that Bill Perry would be there with other cool Speakers.
Most of the times, I just attend seminars/events to meet community people. It's really fun meeting new people, seeing what everyone is doing.
So if you are going to be there, lets meet... If you have not yet registered for the same, go do it, there is some time left..

No posts!

I am not posting anything, even though I want to. I do have time for writing something or posting, but I don't have any thing new or interesting.
I just don't like posting stuff, which has already been bloged by someone. But I do it sometimes, for the sake of keeping this blog alive :)
I will be back with my stuff, my ideas and my experiments....very soon...

Nokia Signs Licensing Agreement With Macromedia

This sounds interesting, yeah I am cross-posting...
More info at

Onfolio: a must have tool

Before I start writing about how useful & helpful Onfolio has been to me, let me put some words(from it's help) about Onfolio.
Onfolio is a PC application that helps you collect, organize, and share information you find on the Internet, receive in a feed, or capture from your system or network. Web pages, web sites, multipage articles, images, a wide variety of file types, news feeds, search feeds, snippets of files or web pages—you can put any of these into an Onfolio collection. Then you share your research through documents, presentations, emails, websites, and reports.
I have been using Onfolio for over a month or two. I find it really useful because I can keep all my bookmarks, documents, rss feed subscriptions or other web-documents in one place for offline reading and also for archiving purpose. Which really helps me a lot because I don't have internet connectivity after work.
Onfolio has got a nice User Interface. It works seemlessly with Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla <ahref="">Firefox</a>, which means no matter which browser you are using, all bookmarks, saved webpages etc would go in one place. Which wasn't same way earlier, because I used to have different bookmark list in each browser & saved documents used to go anywhere on my machine. Yeah! I am a bad manager *lately*.
If you want to give it a try, you can download Onfolio 2.0 Beta. I am sure, you gonna like it!
I just love it and I have been using Beta version of it but I am planning to buy it because its piece of software that's worth buying.
BTW! Jeremy Alliare also has something to say about Onfolio.
Update: Onfolio guys have a blog also.

Peldi's Coding Cafe

Peldi has been taking online sessions named as 'Peldi's Coding Cafe. Peldi talks about making Flash Comm applications. These sessions are very informative and useful.
You can check out recorded sessions & the source files here. And keep an eye on Peldi's blog for any upcoming session, believe me it would be worth attending.

Macromedia Flex Seminar

Kevin Hoyt conducted an online Flex seminar. If you have missed attending it, you can watch the recording.
This seminar would really help someone who wants to understand Flex and get started with it.
Recorded session can be watched at: