Symantec Mobile Security for Symbian

Symantec has released a public beta of their Mobile Security software for Symbian 60/80 series. It's really nice move. I am not aware of any other company providing an anti-virus software for Symbian or Nokia 60/80 series.
I just installed it on my Nokia 6600, it works fine. It has features like auto-protect, firewall & live-update.
These days mobile viruses are getting very common, I remember a few days back my phone(Nokia 6600) was bombarded by many Bluetooth messages containing some kind of .sis file, it might have been a self-distributing virus.
Mobile is happening and next big thing. Early starters would have advantage in coming time. There is so much to happen, it's all about providing applications which solve some problems. For example, a scientific calculator which has a very usable UI and which solves problems with accuracy. UI would play a key role in success of these applications.
Greeting cards, ring tones, wall papers, games etc are some thing any multimedia designers/developers can start making for Mobile devices, India has market for these(entertainment etc) things now.