Finally I am going..

I am going to Macromedia HQ for two months training. For this visit, I had to really work hard. Got my passport done under Tatkaal scheme, then VISA fight, then VISA waiting...
This evening, T.T. Service confirmed that I will get my passport with VISA tommorow morning and I have flight tommorow evening. What a timing :)
Thanks GOD, things have been going very smooth and in favour so far. I hope, it goes like this. I learn most out of the training camp and do things very well in MM.
I know, good luck comes by good wishes of parents and friends. I thank to all of my friends who have wished for me..
I will be able to blog from SF, if I am not too busy checking out things in SF ;)

Mannu is now Certified...

Manish Jethani, our *nix geek and friend of mine, got 91% score in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Certification exam. This is really good score after only one week preparation.
Congrats! Manish...keep it up dude :)

Blogging from train

I am going to my home town "Kanpur" and I am in trian right now. Using my reliance phone and T40 notebook to blog...
Its fun and good timepass...provided network connectivity and battery power are available throughout the journey...


PowerSDK PRIM is a framework which provides runtime primitive types in Flash Player.

PRIM is a general framework for creating primitive types within the player and is extensible. Even better is the included event model, allowing you to receive events when a primitive value is modified without watching or polling the value for changes.

Ted Patrick made this. He is the one who keeps doing innovative work and kick ass project. These days, he is busy in FLOW and some python based server I guess.
He has made PRIM free and open . More details can be found here.
I have been part of PRIM Beta. I could not contribute much except reading comments and posting my ideas.
But it was nice project, a different kind of project.

Again 89% - Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Developer Certification

Today I cleared Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Developer Certification with 89%. Yes, 89%, the same percentage I got in Macromedia Flash MX Developer Certification.
Today was holiday, so slept entire day. I woke around 3:00 PM and made my mind to take this exam. I called up to local VUE authorized center (DEXLER, Bangalore) and took a time.
Literaly, no prepartion just practical experiences with Dreamweaver helped me to get a score of 89%. I am feeling good...
Flash MX 2004 Developer exam is next in queue.
If you are looking for some hints, as I said above, practical experience is important. Reading a book and passing the exam would be an exceptional case. I recommend, playing with Dreamweaver MX 2004, reading help docs and following sample tutorials in help. That's it, you will have enough confidence to face any question. And don't forget to look at the exam guidlines and sample questions on It would really help you while preparation.
Hope it helps..

First Day

I joined Macromedia India on August 30. Things are going fine, people are very friendly here and most of them are new. I am finding this place cool because so much to learn here.
I hope I will do well here...

New Challenges

August 3rd, was my last day of job in Tata Interactive Systems(TIS). I joined TIS in March 2003. I have enjoyed being there, did some good projects, been among some of the best designers/animators/developers/project managers. Everyone was so cooperative during this time..I must say, I loved the culture in TIS and I hope I get the same in my next company.
oops! did i say where I am joining?
I am joining Macromedia R&D Centre in Bangalore. It has been my dream to join MM and its(dream) going to come true.
I am very excited and at the same time nervous. Because, moving into a product development company from service based industry really requires indepth knowledge, i realized while interviews. I hope, I will do good there.
I have to work hard to have more in-depth knowledge of whatever I know. I have to brush up my skills in compiled programming languages, data structures, Maths etc. I hope, these would allow me to move into core-engineering in coming years.
So many new challenges to make my life exciting once again:)

Lookout - Microsoft Outlook search plugin

Recently, I got to know about that Microsoft has acquired Lookout, frankly speaking I never heard about Lookout until this news.
I saw the Lookout website and found that it's a very good search plugin for MS Outlook. I downloaded it and started using, it's damn fast and saves loads of time.
I guess, Microsoft would add more features and values to the plugin or use the algorithm in coming version of Outlook.
It can be downloaded from here.

Flash MX 2004 Updater 7.2

Macromedia today released the Flash MX 2004 updater 7.2. Flash MX 2004 had many bugs and most of them seem to be fixed in this update.
Help documentation and code samples are brilliant. EventDelegate AS2 class has also been included.
More information can be found on
I hope it solves most of the problems.

Making an Accessible website

I found a very good online book on making an Accessible website. The title of book is "Dive Into Accessibility" Author has taken some real life scenarios. He has talked about different type of disablities and how can we make our content accessible for those people.
Interesting fact is that, through-out the book, examples are given on customizing a MT blog to be more accessible. That's interesting, I am reading the book once again and hopefully customize my blog to be more accessible.