New Challenges

August 3rd, was my last day of job in Tata Interactive Systems(TIS). I joined TIS in March 2003. I have enjoyed being there, did some good projects, been among some of the best designers/animators/developers/project managers. Everyone was so cooperative during this time..I must say, I loved the culture in TIS and I hope I get the same in my next company.
oops! did i say where I am joining?
I am joining Macromedia R&D Centre in Bangalore. It has been my dream to join MM and its(dream) going to come true.
I am very excited and at the same time nervous. Because, moving into a product development company from service based industry really requires indepth knowledge, i realized while interviews. I hope, I will do good there.
I have to work hard to have more in-depth knowledge of whatever I know. I have to brush up my skills in compiled programming languages, data structures, Maths etc. I hope, these would allow me to move into core-engineering in coming years.
So many new challenges to make my life exciting once again:)