Flash Up-Side Down Bug

Yesterday, I got to see a strange bug, not sure its Flash Player's bug or Browser's bug. It happens when you use browser's functionality in html pages with a flash movie. As soon as you issue print command, flash movie turns up-side down, in our case only bitmap in the flash movie turned up-side down other text was remained same.
Its a weird bug it doesn't happen all the time. I am not yet able to replicate it on all machine and I have not even got any reason why it happens.
While discussing this with other Flash developers, Pranav Verma from Mascon ITand Deepak Sahu from Hurix, Deepak provided a link of technote on macromedia.com. It really helped me, Thanks Pranav and Deepak.
I am wondering, Macromedia has not found any solution for the same problem yet. Though they have some suggestions to get the same thing done other way using Flash Player's print functionality.
Anyway! I am going to find solution myself, how can I implement the alternative with minimal efforts.
I would post something if I find something...

Central Developer Network

David Bisset and other Central developers have formed Central Developer Network. Its good to see that Central developers community is growing. I am sure more and more Flash developers would jump in Central Development. CDN would really be useful to them.
I am lagging behind, I am still developing applications in Flash 5 because of project requirements such as Player Penetration etc. Anyway, I am not hopeless, I would soon be doing some good projects in AS2 and Central.
BTW! I have put a Central Badge on left, isn't it looking cute? :)

Macromedia MAX 2004, Delhi

Today Rahul (one of the best Flash Developers in TIS) & I went to delhi, all the way from mumbai, to attended MAX . I liked the crowd there, specially MMUG Delhi(Flashgroup.org) stall. I must tell, these guys are very active and putting efforts to promote Flash.

I also met Abhishek Kapoor, surprisingly he was sitting next to me. Boy, he was wearing Macromedia Central Tshirt, black full sleeves, mine is half sleeves :).
I talked to him about his work, flash and all. we were sitting in front row and really enjoyed answering questions from speakers or other fellow attendents.
Rahul solved a real good problem and he got a good watch, a Macromedia Watch :)
I was happy to see, Macromedia India guys are now more active and understand the importance of community in India. Thats why they have started promoting MMUGs in India. I could see mumbaiflash.com and Brajeshwar's name there, i must say Brajeshwar deserves this because he is dedicated to Indian Flash Community.
Apart from all good things there were manythings which disappointed me,
- They skipped design pattern session, that was the one i was waiting for:(
- Some of sessions sounded like sales presentation rather than a part of developer conference.
- Though we learnt many things like components architecure v2, data binding etc but it could have been better.
Anyway! overall it was good experience being there and now i am thinking to prepare a presentation for other fellow flash developers to share our learning and knowledge.
going to sleep...zzzZZZZZ

Macromedia MAX 2004 India

MAX 2004 started in Banglore today. Its happening first time in INDIA. Excitement among Indian Flash Developers can be seen.
Brajeshwar, for an instance, is blogging live from there. He is even regularly uploading the pictures.
This is really cool, looks like Brajeshwar did good preparation for all this. Keep it up Brajeshwar, we are proud of you.
Hopefully, i would also attend MAX 2004 in Delhi on March 5th. Ofcourse, i am also excited :)

Macromedia Director MX 2004

Today Macromedia released new version of Director. Its Director MX 2004, good thing about it is new JavaScript syntax which might attract more developers towards it. I am sure, i will atleast give a try and if i like it, i might start developing for Director too.
Download is available here.

eLearning with Central

For some time, i have been thinking about Macromedia Central and eLearning space. Meanwhile, i have also been busy studying AICC and SCORM standards, i am just wondering how can a Central eLearning application be AICC or SCORM confornmant.
I am sure, i would be able to think on something...

I hope, no more spams..

I have just installed, James Sen's patch for MT. This patch would ask users to fill a verification code shown in image while they are posting any comments. I hope, no more comment spamming..

Busy once again...

I am very busy once again...not able to post anything. I hope, i would start doing once again when i get internet access at my place.
Hoping to get some peace out of hectic schedule..

I got a NoteBook...

Its been long since i last posted anything here.. Last three-four months of 2003 kept me very busy. I somehow managed to get leave for a few days and went back home (Kanpur).
I had nice time with my family, ate a lot. My mom kept cooking my favourite dishes for me. I can still feel taste yam yam..
Good thing was that my brother gifted me a Compaq Preserio Notebook. Wow! I got a NoteBook..I always dreamt to have one...
It has good configuration except it has AMD Athlon XP processor but i don't notice any difference between it and my office workstation with Intel P4.
me going to have phun wid it...

Me finally on leave..

wow! enjoying...leaves...it feels goood....
I am now in my native place . Enjoying chilling environment here..
I will be back (to mumbai) in New Year (7th Jan).