Abdul QabizThank you for your interest to learn more about me. I appreciate that.

About Me:

I am Abdul Qabiz (@abdulqabiz) from Kanpur, India. .

This is my personal blog and I write about software, programming, technology, and my other experiences (entrepreneurship, business, etc).

When I am away from keyboard, I spend time with family (friends), riding my motorcycle (short/long tours), or having coffee at my favourite cafe while reading something.

I also spend time organising and participating in a few local meetups (Docker, WordPress, HackerSpace).

I love connecting with like-minded people, please check out the right-sidebar to see different ways to connect to me.

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I am a passionate self-taught computer programmer and have many years’ experience in software and product development. I have years of experience in software development, software/web/internet technologies, and various tools; however, for most part of my early years of career, I have enjoyed building awesome rich (internet) applications for Macromedia (Adobe) Flash Platform using ActionScript, Flex, AIR and FlashLite along with other web-technologies (middle-wares, remoting, server-side, socket-servers, etc.).

I got involved with FOOS in 2006, and since then I love contributing, using and talking about FOOS. I thank to many people, specially Manish Jethani and some ex Yahoo!  India developers who used to blog on livejournal, for inspiring me to get into FOSS.

I am cofounder of Allies Interactive where I spend time doing software development, and leading a team of software developers.

We have helped various internet startups by taking care of their entire technology roadmap and implementation.

Following is what we have been spending time for last 4-5 years:

  • MicroStock.in: a platform where we sell our own copyrighted vector files — thousands of — at very affordable — as low as INR 5 — rates.
  • Diziana: a platform where we sell Zendesk Help Center Themes (templates) and Plugins, and also offer various advanced customization and implementation services around Zendesk ecosystem
  • R & D: We spend a lot of time researching and trying to build new products.

In past, I worked with

  • IndieReign on video on demand platform for indie filmmakers. We built entire platform including video encoding, distribution, playback components. The company has shutdown the platform to focus on Shift72.
  • Yahoo! on platform components/api and Yahoo! Avatars. I have had a good time working among some of the best software engineers and developers.
  • Mixercast” a startup where I helped – platform-architecture, implementation of best flash-platform practices, startup-culture, building syndication engine based on standards like RSS(MediaRSS), suggesting/implementing new ideas and lot more.Working with a startup is always good experience; I love it, and keep on working with startups.
  • Macromedia(acquired by Adobe):  It was a dream of any flash developer to work at Macromedia, I was no different, and I ended up working here. I was among first fifteen team members of Macromedia Bangalore. I worked on Flex SDK and contributed in two releases of Flex: 1.5 and 2.0.
  • Tata Interactive Systems for building various eLearning applications using Macromedia Flash (ActionScript). I worked on a lot of project including ICT Simulation for BECTA

Areas I have been working on for years:

software architecture, distributed computing, cloud computing (iaas, paas, saas, ipaas),  video encoding, video strategy, digital rights management, open-source software, web technologies, web standards, web strategy, rich internet applications (ria), adobe flash platform (flash, flex, air, flashlite, actionscript), entrepreneurship, development process, startups, social media, branding and identity

languages/technologies/tools: actionscript, javascript, python, ruby, php, java, c++, c#, flash, flex, air, flashlite, php, symfony, node.js, sinatra, http, html, css, cms, crm, wordpress, subversion, git, ffmpeg, x264, widevine, adobe access, aws, docker, vagrant, gnu/linux, etc.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more details.

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  • seems i am reading the blog of another geek 🙂

  • Abdullah Mahamuud

    Hi Abdul Qabiz
    Assalam Alaiykum
    Iam very interesting to see you for the first.
    Ihave read about you just today and think you can help me to solve my problem.
    My Question to you is
    Ihave a project for my second year at university and I have been aske to promote software or to modifie the existing .
    My view is to go for Adobe flash or Shockwave. Can you give your advice and where to start.
    Thanks alot

  • sooooooo great!!!!!

  • Dear, ive purchgd bsnl3g datacd. I tried to configure. When i connect through this only normal speed comes. No broadband speed. Can u suggest me wt shld i do? Thanx

  • Gayatri Bhinge

    Respected Sir, I have 4 yrs experience as Flash Animator/Designer and from April2011 I joined a training course for Action Script Development.I have B.Sc. Degree and Computer programming diploma, so is there any chance to change my career from Animator to Developer(Action Script 3.0)???
    which city is provides more opportunity for working as Action Script Developer ? Pune(Maharashtra)..?

    • There is job for good developers/designers everywhere. I am sure, Pune have many companies which want smart and passionate people for their team.

      If you were around Kanpur, I would have discussed the positions in our company.

  • allu

    Please check out the right-sidebar to see different ways to connect to me.

    Actually it is left-sidebar 😛

    • Thanks. I changed the theme, but didn’t update the content. On home-page, links are still on right-sidebar 🙂