• TATA Photon Max Wifi..

    * What is the Exact Speed in TATA Photon Max Wifi??
    Maximum 6.2 Mbps. But Generally it will be 1 to 3 Mbps. If it is not enough use your office broadband itself..
    * Is that device Free..?
    No. You have pay Rs.1999 only.If you are paying 6 months rental in Adv then it will be Free..
    * How much I have to Pay for Roaming while using TATA Photon Wifi..?
    It is absolutely Free in India.
    * Can I connect more than 5 systems using TATA Photon wifi..?
    You can connect upto 5 Wifi Devices. To connect more than 5 you can buy one more from http://www.getnethchennai.com
    * Why I should buy from http://www.getnetchennai.com..?
    If you want good customer service there is only one option. .that is http://www.getnetchennai.com