YAMMS! (Yet another MacroMedia Seminar)

Yet another Macromedia Seminar, this time in Mumbai. Its actually part of Macromedia MAX events. I attended the same in new Delhi some months back. If I knew that they would be organising one in Mumbai later, I would have not gone to Delhi.
I would attend yet another seminar from Macromedia in J.W. Marriots, Mumbai on May 27.
My purpose to go to such seminars is not only limited to learn things but meeting with other developers and designers.
I hope, I will have a good time there…

  • Komail Abbas

    hi abdul kabiz, i also have visited this mumbai macromedia seminar…. hope i have seen u… i m also a graphics designer and multimedia …. i m working in webtraverseindia ltd. and i know brijeshwar….. nice to know u too.. u can also provide your cell no so that i can call u if i have any probs…. thanks…

  • Arindam Biswas

    Abdul Bhai!!!
    Great to know you got a blog running. It was nice interacting with you. Its nice to know individuals like yourself are doing a lot to keep the Flash flame burning.
    Keep kindling the spirit and take a break sometimes, 😉
    CIAO Amigo

  • Hey Arindam,
    This blog is not running rather walking slowly ;)…I don’t post very often…
    Man it was really nice meeting you…Learnt many things from you…
    Hope to see you soon…
    take care,

  • Sudip Mukherjee

    Hi Folks,
    I got some news regarding the Macromedia Seminar on Bangalore few months back, but didn’t get any news about Mumbai Seminar. How to get the updated info on Macromedia seminars in India.

  • Sudip-
    You can get information about such Macromedia events from Macromedia’s Asia Pacific website.
    hope that helps…