Some comments deleted

When someone comments on my blog, I make sure it’s not spam and then I allow comments to appear on my blog.
My blog is getting over thousand spam comments every week and while deleting such comments today, I deleted some of the genuine comments by Manish, David Urech, Dinesh and Gaurav. By mistake some checkboxes left checked while deleting commments…MT interface sucks 🙁
Guys, please don’t mind and keep commenting here. I am thinking of ways to stop this approval-kind-of-process and let comments appear as soon as they are posted.
Any suggestions and guidence to stop this comment spamming are welcome.

  • Try using MT Blacklist ( I heard from a couple of my friends that it really helps. You can also try MT Moderate (

  • Simple! Just do away with comments, I stop worrying about it at all.

  • I guess your ‘are you a bot?’ check box is not working?
    One solution is to switch to wordpress and use the Authimage plugin.

  • Hi Abdul,
    You probably don’t remember me, we met at MAX 2k5..
    I’ve had the same problem on my movable type blog. I think I’ve figured out how it works though. I think you have to find some way of hiding the ‘entry_id’ that pops up in just about every page. That’s how MT identifies the posts and comments, and I’m pretty sure it’s how the spammers put the comment spam on your blog. All they have to do is spoof a form that points to your comments .cgi, and if they can get a hold of the entry_id, that’s it, you’re pooched.
    My technique was to create some XML templates in MT, and have those rendered by a Flash movie. Ditto for the comments. Then, I removed references to entry_id in all my html templates. You can see what I mean at Beyond that, I’m not sure what to do, short of disabling comments.

  • I use MT Blacklist as well, but I find it’s not perfect, and it becomes very frustrating to scroll through hundreds of spam comments, looking for the one or two that are legitimate.

  • Thanks guys, you can probably guess why I am replying so late because your comments were also lost in other spam comments.
    Francis, I do remember you. I guess, I am going to try your way, let’s see how much it helps…
    Thanks again…

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