Fun time…

It’s fun time now for next one week. I am going on vacation, I will be in Kanpur for almost one week. About to meet old school friends. Wow! it’s gonna be fun 🙂
This week I really worked hard to complete the task, it feels good.
I am right now on Banglore airport, waiting for security check-in. BTW! This is my first from my mobile.
Now on Delhi airport, have to sit here entire night and I will catch an early morning train.
Ok finally in train to kanpur, but still sometime left in departure, oh yes I am on New Delhi railway station….
BTW! I forgot to mention, I saw Sushma Swaraj, the political leader of Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) on New Delhi airport. Before I could realize who was she? She had left the lounge area. She is one of the BJP leaders I like after Atal Ji.

  • Neo

    Enjoy your trip buddy. And keep us updated about someone beautiful 😉

  • vishnu

    Hi Abdul
    hope u had a nice time with ur Old school friends .
    Btw this is vishnu from chennai , net u in max 2005
    Your Blog is really cool , have lots of useful info
    keep it up

  • Thanks guys,
    BTW! I am back from trip and had great time…