• Its really a nice article. Also, I can see things happening at very fast pace at MM. Really great work by all. Nice to here about your visit to SF again. Cheers

  • Yeah it is very neat and simple tutorial…Surely useful for anyone starting with SCORM.
    Thanks, I was in US to attend MAX and it was very good experience being at MAX.
    Would probably post about my experience very soon…
    BTW! How are you doing?

  • Hey Abdul,
    Thanks for blogging. 🙂
    I am glad people are liking it… I am trying to improve the article with more example files on Flash and HTML based content.

  • I am doing fine too. Preparing for my final exam which is due on Dec 6 to 9. Recently worked on a Product Viewer tool in Flash MX 2004 for one website, will let you know URL when I will be up and running. Looking forward for your exp at MAX. Cya

  • hi,
    Is there any reference of SCORM implementation with Cold Fusion & MSSQL?