Missed an opportunity

I missed an opportunity of being Adobe Developer Evangelist. I was offered Adobe Developer Evangelist role based in India and I couldn’t take it because I am busy with my current work (Nanocast – my baby) and some other reasons (time-frame, relocation etc). Having said that, it doesn’t mean I was arrogant or didn’t like the Evangelist role. It’s my dream role, something I have been doing unofficially with passion and would want to do. Should I say I sacrificed, something I always dreamt of, because of some commitments.

BTW! If I had taken the offer, I could have become the first Indian developer evangelist, I have not heard of any other Indian company having that kind of role 🙂

I hope Adobe gets a candidate who is passionate for this role and accept the challenges in hand. It’s challenging in India to evangelise a product/technology because developers here have internet access but not all read blogs, not all are passionate rather work, not all contribute to forums, not all participate in many open-source projects etc etc. But challenges are fun.

  • It’s funny – I mean – our industry makes it so easy to learn and participate in the community – yet so many people don’t. I can understand if a person was in some other industry – but as a web developer, how can you ignore the resources out there? You don’t have to participate even – just _read_. Anyway – maybe I’m just addicted to blogging. 😉

  • You right, commitment are things that cant be despite of. Best of lucky in your project, due to some right moments in the life that some changes can’t afford your ideas or dream.
    And you’re lucky for first intence due to you could be recognized as a developer evangelist.

  • alicia

    Sometimes the path of least resistance is a good choice. Best of luck, whatever you do should lead to happiness 🙂

  • Lavnish

    hi man
    way to go … i know it must have been a tough decision but i guess u did the right thing .. let ur baby grow up and then think .. till then (needless to say ) just work work n work
    cheerz !!

  • @Raymond – I also wonder, why some folks don’t get the idea. I think, they just need to get aware of all these. We are fortunate to be part of a field where we can work from anywhere (a village) as long as internet/electricity is there.
    @Igor – Thanks for your words…
    @Alicia – Thanks a lot, btw I keep checking out your flickr photos, they are awesome..
    @Lavnish – Thanks man.

  • I am sure with talent like yours, there will be ample opportunities like these.
    It must be tough taking this but am sure your baby will grow and make u proud ;o)

  • Thats a decision not everyone would dare to make. Really respect u for that. At the end of the day, family does come first.
    That said, What wouldn’t I do for a role like that? 🙂

  • John Koch

    Hi! its my first time to see your blog. I learned about it from Arul in Singapore. I am the Adobe Developer Relations Manager for Asia. We have to talk soon! Can you send me an email? [email protected]. I like your photos and hope to be in contact with you soon.