Flex/ActionScript developers from India – Please read

I am trying to compile a list of Adobe Flex/ActionScript developers from India. If you are one of them, please leave your name and city in comment. I am planning to have a meet or a way (mailing-list etc) to be in contact.

I had planned to start Adobe (Macromedia) Flex user-group in 2005 and I got permissions but things were different then, hence it didn’t work well. Now it makes more sense to start working on it. It is also good idea to have platform where we can have more events, meetings etc within India. It is also good way to spread the word (about: Flex/ActionScript/Apollo) in the region and among folks who are not aware of these fantastic technology/tools.

I apologize for posting to a wide audience (MXNA), but this is only to way to find passionate developers 🙂

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  • Hi am flash actionscript programmer, worked on several kind of projects.
    webdevelopment, elearning,generating greeting cards on the fly,
    book designing on the fly,tshirt designing,,

    am a freelancer.
    contact me

  • anuradhashinde2001

    I am Flash + Flex developer….

    Name: Anuradha Hankare
    City: Pune

    • Venkat

      Hi Anuradha,
      I am Venkata from California, US.
      I am looking for flex developer. We have project which we are doing for fashion designer.
      Please let me know if you will intrested to work with us and what will be your hourly rate.

      my email:[email protected]


    • Shabeer

      hi i’m currenly shabeer working web development company if you won any acancy pls requir me.

    • Andy

      Hi guys, I need Flash Actionscript Developer ASAP! 
      Please contact me on skype a.farca

  • anuradhashinde2001

    Hi Anu here !!!

    Need ur help Guys…

    I want to join classes for Falsh AS3.0 and Flex…

    Does anybody know any institutes for the same in Pune?

    plz help me..I am new to Flash and Flex..
    dnt knw classes for this in Pune

  • Abdul Khadar

    Hi There

    We are Looking for a flash programmer with PHP and My SQL skills
    in Dubai for Permanent Job

    Requirement is as follows
    Designation: Flash / Web Programmer
    Should have experience in
    Action Scripting
    My SQL
    Joomala customization

    And good communication skills.

    Please mail me at [email protected]

  • ontologic

    Name : Saurabh Kumar
    City : Noida

    • jagadish594

      I need to develop a Card game in flash for 4 players to play online. Let me know if any one is interested. My id is jagadish594[at]gmail[.]com

  • jagadish594

    I need to develop a Card game in flash for 4 players to play online. Let me know if any one is interested. My id is jagadish594[at]gmail[.]com

  • Krishna Shinde,Pune

    Really nice idea of having events and meetings

  • karthickraj

    Hi This is Karthick Raj.Now i am working as a PHP developer.i am looking for a job in Flex. I already have a 1.6 yrs of experience in the Flex 3.

    • Hi Karthickraj,

      Can you call me at 9444069052 ? I am currently looking for PHP-Flex developers? You can also send me an email at [email protected]



  • I’m looking for a developer to develop my website which uses flex,php,mysql technologies. The developer should be based in hyderabad.

  • ‘m looking for a developer to develop my website which uses flex,php,mysql technologies. The developer should be based in hyderabad. contact to 9703420885.

  • kklkhhbjh

    Thank you, thank you!
    this post is informative ..
    and i got a lot of inspiration from this post to do something ,am learnig for social work and doing parttime technical writing..I found this site is to be the best among…a crowd

  • gravitin

    Hi All,
    We (Gravitin Technologies) mainly into RIA Development with Web 2.0 Technologies like Flex, Flash, AS3, Ajax, Php, Java & .Net. You can reach us regarding RIA development like Flex Development, Flash Development & Ajax Development. We are located in India (Chennai, Perungudi).
    For more info: http://www.gravitin.com, http://www.gravitinhosters.com
    For Info: [email protected]
    For Job: [email protected]

    Gravitin Technologies

  • kadhar

    i am also java/flex developr

  • Hi
    I am expert actionscript programmer, have very good knowledge in Flash, Flex,AIR, mysql, php and knowledge in jsp.

    Need to develop any application which is logically complex, I am here please reach me here
    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile: +91 970 140 1393
    Web: http://www.vikrambilla.com

  • We are looking for Flex Freelancers / developers in Mumbai, contact at [email protected].

  • Please add me in your list

  • Anju Singh

    I’m Anju , Noida


    HI Abdul..
    got hired for a company as an remote employee.
    who has seen my details here has contacted me and got hired.
    and even got a project from jagdish, as a reference of this site..
    that ended a bad way.. very sorry for jagdish.

    am a flex,flash,game developer. if you have any requirement of flash/flex development please contact me

    [email protected]

  • vijay

    Hi, this is vijay flash action script 2.0/3.0 developer from delhi,
    my contact number 9871360253
    [email protected]

  • shabeer

    hi friends i’m currently workng web development company pls if have an company pls recment me

    • Hi Shabeer

      Are you still looking for job? We are hiring, let me know.

    • Hi Shabeer

      Are you still looking for job? We are hiring, let me know.

    • Shabeer

      yes friend i woon any webdeveloppment company.

    • Hi Shabeer

      Are you still looking for job? We are hiring, let me know.

    • Hi Shabeer

      Are you still looking for job? We are hiring, let me know.

  • Subash Selvaraj85

    Hi i am Subash from Coimbatore(TN). I have been started my carrier as a flash programmer and migrated into Flex development. Now i am working as a flex/PHP /flash(AS2/AS3) developer. I have 2+years of experience.

    mailto: [email protected]

  • Nalliappan

    i am PHP + Flex developer

    Name: Nalliappan G
    City : Coimbatore
    Exp : 1+

  • Falguni Debnath

    Looking for Software Development in .net/Flex/Ajax/SQL Server

    Please login to http://www.geni.com
    –> select sex
    –> enter name
    –> enter mail address
    –> start my fmily tree
    –> Add mother and father
    –> Save & Continue
    –> skip
    ————— then ————-
    –> click on Tree (tab top left)
    Now you should be seen a Tree with some features
    * you can enter unlimited family members
    * you can zoom out/in
    * and many more
    please R&D this pate with all functions/features

    I looking for Copy this page only only with features
    I designed a Website for development the aforesaid page is main part of my site. Some Developer Authority faceing to copy the same, It is threfore you are requested that may please be R&D with this page.

    If you have an Expert to develope the same page in Flex (Flex as Front-End in the platform of .net hence the db should be SQL Server) then you have to intimate me immediately for deal.

    You have to take responsibility for developing my site or you may kindly be provide a Flex Coder for devloping the aforesaid Flex Page only for the dedicated period only.

    I hope you might be co-operate me.


    Mrs Falguni Debnath,
    New Delhi-44

  • vivek

    Hi ALL…this is vivek ,,i m looking a job in flex in pune n mumbai….i have a 6 mnts exp in open Laszlo….if any one interested…plz contact me …8928459065..currently m in pune
    [email protected]

  • Gayatri Bhinge

    Name-Gayatri Bhinge.

  • Anilmathewm

    hi me to an actionscript developer with 6 years experience in actionscript 🙂 http://anilmathewm.blogspot.com my blog here.

  • M Santosh

    This is santosh from hdyerabad,i have around 3 years of experience in Flex,Java,JavScript,Html and i am certified in Flex 3 with air,looking for freelancing projects in Flex,Java.
    Email:[email protected]:disqus .com

    Santosh M

  • Rohitsharma

    I am Flash Developer using AS2.0, AS3.0, Papervision3D, Augmented Reality etc…

    Name    : Rohit Sharma
    City       : Mumbai
    Contact : 09833012996

  • I am flash(Actionscript 3.0) developer(gaming) with 1+ year experience.

    City: Noida

  • emerch2012



    We are
    looking for flashers which are able create flash animations, develop
    ActionScript 2 and 3 for interactive online and mobile content.


    Here you
    see an example of a publication which best describes our needs: http://www.bmw-performance.eu

    For more
    examples please visit http://actionpaper.net/en


    We are
    looking for dynamic, highly motivated  and flexible people which should


    excellent Adobe Flash ( AS2 & AS3 )

    – good:
    Adobe Photoshop layout design and photo processing; Adobe Illustrator layout
    design and vector editing and exporting for Adobe Flash

    medium: Adobe InDesign editing and exporting for Adobe Flash

    – basic:
    HTML and PHP knowledge (knowledge of code structure)

    – very
    good English knowledge (German is an advantage)

    attention to details and creativity

    problem solving ability

    multitasking and communication ability



    Our team
    is young, dynamic, warm and enthusiastic – we’re looking forward to expanding
    it even further!


    If you are
    interested, please reply on skype: a.farca or email: [email protected]

  • Dandu Venki

    present i am learning flex.iz their any future for flex?

  • Abishek Me

    Abishek, Chennai

  • Suchand

    2 Year Exp in Flex Developin

  • Ahmed

    i need flex developer who can work with red5 media server contact me urgently at [email protected]