Air Deccan – Review

I wrote about my experiences with Air Deccan (domestic airline in India) in 2005. But that post is still read every day and lots of people share their views through comments. Today, that entry received it’s 100th comment.

Comments can really serve as a good review, in this particular case, I can see mixed views (positive and negatives), stories and experience of other folks who used Air Deccan’s service.

Read it here.

  • Your post got PR4 🙂
    It should have lots of backlinks out there, and it’s easy to find in SERPs.
    It’s interesting when something like that happens

  • > Your post got PR4 🙂
    > It’s interesting when something like that happens
    If you read some comments, you would realize some people really went through bad experience…
    Some people still go, but I guess over the time either people get used to of things or system gets better.