Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

My blog was down for some hours because bandwidth limit (3 GB) exceeded. I need to spend sometime to figure out why 3-4 GB of bandwidth being consumed? I don’t blog often, most of the posts are in text and only a few example files are there.

Is it spammers hitting or some kind of DDOS attack?

AWStats and Google Analytics didn’t help me much. I generally look at raw-logs in using VIM or one of my local-flex-app. Idea: Wouldn’t it be good idea to have an Apollo app that can show server logs in realtime? 

I would appreciate if you have any suggestions on how to figure out the details?

  • Keep in mind that if you have big files stored on your webserver, most ISPs counts backing up these files as part of the bandwidth. That wouldn’t show up in your HTTP logs since that is done over ftp.

  • Switch to Dreamhost… I have their Crazy Insane plan and that name truly describes the plan ….. free domain name … 165 GB storage (grows by 1GB every week) …. 1.6 TeraBytes (yup Tera) of bandwidth every month (this grows by 16GB ever month) … excellent uptimes …. also if an existing customer refers you, you can get upto 97$ off on a 2 yr subscribtion … this amount is a variable and the referer decides how much he wants you to have and how much he keeps for himself … I like your blog so you can have the whole 97$ 🙂
    Send me an email, if interested and I’ll give you the refrer code.

  • Here’s a question for you, and the answer might lead you to an answer for your question… Let’s assume someone takes one of your samples (e.g. QueryStringSample) and copy/pastes the import statement that references the class you wrote called QueryString.
    My question to you is: When is the com reference resolved? Whenever they build their SWF or anytime someone uses the SWF?
    If it is the latter, then perhaps your bandwidth problem is because someone used a subset of your code but retained the com reference to your site rather than replicating onto their own site. On a very busy web site this could be lots of small hits to your utils.

  • @Ward: Package names are used to avoid conflicts, so to answer your question.. If somebody uses my code and compiles, it doesn’t hit my blog…The only hit is when they download the code..
    com.abdulqabiz.* is a package name to keep my classes in a unique package name..It allows me to use existing names, that means com.abdulqabiz.core.Application and mx.core.Application are two different classes even if they exist in same code-base or binary…

  • Hi,
    please send me an email so that I can explain you a trick in php that can help you understand who is visiting your site and how you can block certain bots that eat a lot of bandwidth.
    In which city are you located? I am in Mumbai.