• SaraH

    Pmc Kheili Dooset Daram ;))

  • Google will have to print the internet for me

  • Emily

    Seriously, seriously, I was totally fooled by google this morning when I went to Gmail’s page to check my mail.
    I wonder how many of you were fooled by Google about this paper mail feature – they can print your emails/attachments unlimitedly for free and ship to you for free too! I went into my gmail account and was desperately looking for that so-called “paper mail” button.. I didn’t find it of course, and yet it still didn’t ring the bell. I continued to search in the help section and saw a whole bunch of fools like me wondering where the damn button was, although I still hadn’t got it until someone said it outloud and clear “happy april fool’s day!” Darn it!
    Well, although google’s print-for-free service is just a joke, I do want to recommend a website that can truly turn your softcopy into hardcopy and mail for free. Definitely not a joke.

  • it is a joke dude…:P
    take alook