Adobe Flex/ActionScript posters are huge

I received Adobe Flex 2 framework and Flash Player 9 API posters. Those are huge but it’s easier to read.

Thanks to Adobe for sending it. You can also get one set, link the from your blog and keep an eye on this page and apply (whenever you can).

Meanwhile, you can download the Flex, ActionScript and Apollo cheatsheats.

  • I got mine today!!
    The funny think is that the past weekend i made a lot of space in my room by reorganise my stuff..So now i’m ready to set up them..
    Thanks Adobe..I didn’t expected to got these in Greece..but..

  • I, too, yesterday received a set of posters. Now my job has become much easier 🙂

  • I got it in here to singapore, a week ago too. Haven’t still figured out where to put it up, so sadly its just sitting in the fedEx tube. I just pull it out every couple of weeks or so and look at it 😛

  • @Arul: Same here, I need to take out RocketBoots Flex API poster to put these, I can put in one wall hopefully 🙂

  • Hello Abdul,
    I have been reading this blog, and its very interesting.
    hey I am trying to apply Free Flex and ActionScript poster, but it’s asking for FlexBuider 3’s Seriel code.
    so what should I do to get it?