• This is very nice 🙂
    Although, I have an issue with mixercast, the video player on video.onflex.org and many other online video players out there ….
    The video should keep downloading even after I hit pause (like google video) .. this is very nice to have when you are on a 256kbps connection like me at home … as I can hit pause, let the whole video download and watch it … rather than try to watch a video that pauses for caching every 10-15 seconds

  • @Mrinal: Mixercast player keeps downloading videos when you hit pause…That’s how other players also work..
    Did you notice it doesn’t download the video?
    Technically, that’s how progressive download works, Netstream keeps downloading even when stream is paused..
    I need to check, if stream connection is closed when you hit pause..
    Thanks for your feedback…

  • Scratch that .. mixercast does keep downloading … its really slow for me in case of the video.onflex.org videos … thats why i felt it wasn’t happening

  • @Mrinal: Videos are directly served from Macromedia server, speed depends on network..
    Please try to create some mixercast, I would love to hear more feedback from you…

  • Will try it out soon 🙂

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