Update: Getting YouTube Video (FLV) URL

It seems, YouTube has started using Google cache-servers to serve Flash-Videos (FLV). There is now very easy way to get YouTube FLV files.


That’s it, video_id can be found at various places:-

If you click on following link, you would be prompted to download flv :)


Update (Jan 11, 2008): Updated the URL for getting FLV from Google Cache server. Thanks to Rohan for sharing updated URL format.

Update: It seems cache.googlevideo.com doesn’t work, atleast not for me?

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  • petepo

    I have a cache-server that is caching youtube flv video. Somewhere in Feb 2008, I notice that youtube return new parameters on the URL for download…client ip address..signature…
    This makes every individual download unique if the clients are of different ip. From my cache-server, all flv files are missed. Any ideas on this?

  • well mine doesnt work can anyone help
    the same

  • abdul

    tried all the youtube URL’s given here, none of them works anymore (if they ever worked), so guys quit the search, it’s not worth it. The URL’s generated are pure dynamic, just include youtube player and enjoy the video.

  • Lucifer

    In some countries You Tube has been filtered due to strict Internet policies like Iran, Turkey, Tailand ,…
    Is there anyway to bypass the filter and download the clip from youtube since all the youtube IP ranges have been snuffed out?

  • Emandem

    Problem Solved!
    Just check out the following website
    Enter the url and get your favorite clip
    You can also check Auto-Download to D.L your stuff from the page.
    Otherwise you’ll be given a code.

  • guyjj

    how are you getting the URL from the youtube video_id?

  • This posting (http://eduviews.com/portal/getting-youtube-video-url) is an explanation of how to resolve the video_id into a genuine flv. This can be done directly in an .AIR application (see the example), OR if you are using a straight Flash player then you can implement this code as a proxy on your server.
    Hope this helps some of you.

  • I thought the AIR example might be too complicated for some, so I changed the example (http://eduviews.com/portal/getting-youtube-video-url) to demonstrate how this is done with Flash/Flex and a php proxy.

  • kay

    Hi It was so useful for me. But since last week the program doesn`t work. I think the U-tube change url method or thet don`t want to acess like this way. I really want to use this program again. so do U have another way to use it?? thank you for you`re kindness Bye :-)

  • Kay

    Hi It was so useful for me. But since last week the program doesn`t work. I think the U-tube change url method or thet don`t want to acess like this way. I really want to use this program again. so do U have another way to use it?? thank you for you`re kindness Bye :-)

  • Hello,
    Thank you Abdul this is a very nice code! too bad I just found it, while it was posted a LONG time ago!
    I guess the “http://youtube.com/get_video.php” script is gone because I get no results whatsoever, only 404 error.
    While if you run a query for: “http://youtube.com/v/AJRcOF7rEfQ” it works, but you won´t get te ‘t=’ param anymore.

    It seems your server does not accept any requests, I keep getting 403 error on all your examples.

  • salam,
    can you please tell me how to do the same for myspace?
    i mean how can i download files in flv format?

  • how do i do this for my space?

  • This Video format is no more working now what to do now?? what can we do for Downloading the video now?? is there any other way to get the address??

  • shuurai

    It doesn’t work anymore. it looks like google now adds some kind of session key (ip and timestamp) in the forwarding mechanism and that key needs to be appended into the url.
    however the only way to access that key is if you access a video from the normal link.
    Maybe someone can write a PHP that grabs that……

  • Jarek

    Here’s something that actually works
    Howto Get Direct YouTube Video (FLV) URL

  • Pradeep Jain

    hi abdul can u help me
    i m creating a flex application with you tube videos
    i m facing a problem for getting flv path from youtube path.
    in xml youtube path is

    how can i get flv path from this path
    can u help me

  • any updates? it not working for me web development

  • aa
    • Google/YouTube has changed things, I need to spend sometime to figure out new ways.

  • lilly

    does not work any more as of juy 21st 2010
    I also tried http://www.freeware-store.com/mp3youtuber-youtube-to-mp3-p-1238.html and a bunhc of other download managers, some just published the software for the change that happened end of june and they are releasing it now but it does not work anymore already

  • thank you very much, Awesome tip

  • Hardeep87

    hi i own a website http://www.vidwires.com
    its a youtube clone website
    there is 1 option in my web grab video from youtube
    i install the plugins 4 that but it still not working
    i get this error
    error getting flv path plz help…..