as3httpclientlib – a better http-client in ActionScript by Gabe

Gabriel Handford left a comment with as3httpclientlib link, this is a very well written http-client, with TLS support, in ActionScript 3.0.

Let me clear some points here, as3httpclientlib is not as3httpclient. The as3httpclient, let’s call it my-project in rest of the post, was a better version of HTTPURLLoader. HTTPURLLoader was a proof-of-concept work to deal with various limitations in Flash Player APIs.

my-project doesn’t have cleaner api and it also lacks various thing, honestly speaking, I could never spend enough time to make it better. Thanks to Erik (aka eecolor) for refactoring HTTPURLLoader and adding more features.

I was planning to add TLS support, after I heard about Metal Hurlant‘s work on TLS. Now, I am not planning to do any further work on my-project (as3httpclient) except cleaning the code a bit for those who are already using it.

I find, as3httpclientlib (Gabe‘s project) is much better and very complete. I spent sometime looking at the code base, it’s api reminds me of jakarta-commons-httpclient, which I always liked for it’s simplicity. With as3httpclientlib, you can do pretty much everything (DELETE, GET, HEAD, POST, PUT – http-methods, multipart uploads etc) you were able to do with my-project (as3httpclient).

If you have been using my-project (as3httpclient), I suggest you to look at as3httpclientlib.

As we know, Flash Player Socket API has some security-restrictions, so any socket based http-client would work for AIR projects but not for Flex projects, unless you can afford special-setup on your server to serve special policy-file required for socket-connection to any port below 1024. Gabe has developed as3httpclientlib library for AIR based projects, however, I am sure it can be used in Flex projects as long as server is setup (as mentioned above in this paragraph).

Check out various examples/tests in as3httpclientlib project, you would find things like amazon-s3-tests, upload-tests etc

Thanks for reading a post full of similar names – as3httpclient and as3httpclientlib 🙂

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  • Erik

    Nice to see some1 else creating something better and complete!
    And yes, especialy with the latest 9.0.115 release things got a bit more difficult for the AS3HTTPClient. The workaround we (at work) are looking into is proxying requests through our own server. Too bad they closed down the use of sockets, the potential was so nice, hehe.
    Thanks for pointing to the AS3HTTPClientLib Abdul 🙂
    Greetz Erik

  • Magic

    may you show some source code to connect via https. thanks