Yahoo! Live != Mogulus

In my previous post, I mentioned about Mogulus while talking about Yahoo! Live. I thought, Yahoo! Live is like Mogulus but after playing with Y! Live, I realized it’s totally different.
Mogulus is like a tv-channel and users(who broadcast) get their own studio. They can create content using existing data (video, images, text, audio, live-video-audio-feed) and do the programming (scheduling). Think of a tv-news-channel, where not only you get to see live-feed but various stories are in form of video, audio, text, images, etc.
Mogulus targets different audience, however, it would be great to see, if Mogulus allows embedding Yahoo! Live feeds in content/channels. Yahoo! Live has a developer API which can be used to fetch details about live-channels and embed in any app, even flash/flex apps. Not a bad idea though.
I think, Y! Live is very close to Ustream (and other similar services). BTW! Ustream allows an user to record the entire session (video, audio, chat) which can be played back later.
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  • Hi Abdul,
    I’ve noticed your interest in live broadcasting.
    I think you should check out
    The site has a lot to offer: great tools for creating live content, users who are interested in watching and discussing the cool broadcasters, great features, cool tools in the chat room, an option to co-host (two people can broadcast on the same time), and much more.