Phase of life – part 2

Around two years back, I was going through similar phase. Things have changed since then, though some new things have come up and some old ones are gone from the list.
I am going to sort out all the issues and bounce back. I would not be active on this blog or else-where until I fix things.
Just wanted to update here, so that you know I am not gone, I am very much here but sorting out issues which are blocking my way to reach where I want to be. I am not giving up.

  • Good Luck Abdul…

  • I’m sure you’ll get out of it soon because you are really cool in everything you do!
    Buzz back whenever you feel like it :0)


  • Abdul, Hope you are on the right way, but I am thinking that I am knowing something that you are searching……….lets discuss

  • Happy qsort()-ing things 🙂

  • Anand

    Hello Abdul,
    I read your interview and thanks for sharing your valuable views on Flex. I am really interested in taking some tips from you. I have been in IT Consulting for the past 19 years, and just 9 months back I started my own company here in the U.S. I am currently working on a product idea and have all the requirements specd out. Though I have been in IT for so many years I moved to Managerial positions and did not keep up to handson technology. Basically I have not done any java coding. Now I would like to obviously use Adove Flex for the UI layer of my product and have been trying to get some good Adobe Flex resources in India and couldn’t find any. I am not able to afford the U.S. companies for this work. Following are my questions:
    1. Can you refer me to any small company that has really good Adobe Flex resources?
    2. For a non-Java guy like me, will it be easy for me to pick up Adobe Flex easily. I am willing to learn.
    3. ANy other tips would be helpful.
    [email protected]