Available for consultancy, training and development

I am available for consultancy, training and development services. Following is the rough list of things, I can provide consultancy, training or development services for:-

  • ActionScript 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
  • Adobe Flash/Flex
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
  • Training on Adobe RIA technologies
  • Architecture for RIA
  • Web Application Development
  • Design and Architecture
  • Development for LAMP
  • Integration Services for Flex/AIR with existing Web Apps
  • Development Setup for small teams
    • Subversion Version Control
    • Bug Tracking System (Trac, Wiki)
    • Training on Development Life Cycle
    • Backup Strategies
    • Development Sandbox Setup for RIA development

    JFYI! You can check out my linkedin profile to know more about me. I am based in India and have around ten (10) years of experience, during this period I have worked for Macromedia/Adobe, Yahoo!, Mixercast and TIS and worked as independent-consultant, freelancer, trainer and co-founder. I have been working on various technologies/platforms (some listed above).

    I am a programmer who enjoys solving users’ problems whatever it takes (technology is no constrain). Having said that, I am passionate about ActionScript/Flash/Flex/AIR and Web (in general) which happen to be my core competencies.

    PS: Do you think, this is a shameless sales pitch ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Anonymous User

      It is unbelievable that after working with hot companies using some of the hottest technologies you are still available. Its a kill for many companies to have you in their team. Wish you best of luck.

    • @Anonymous: I am not sure how should I take your comment, positive or negative? That means, I am too bad to understand jokes and I generally try to take things positively.
      Yup! You heard right, I would start working independently, which is good thing at this stage of life, IMO.
      Not sure, why you think “it’s kill to have me in any team”, if that’s in negative sense, then it’s bad someone thinks that.. AFAIK, most of companies I have worked with don’t think so. But hey, you can’t please everyone all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • anonymous

      He/she meant it in a positive way Abdul. If someone “would kill to have you in the team”, it means they really want you in the team and would do anything to get you in the team.

    • Good luck on the consulting front Abdul.
      I think the Anonymous writing meant that in a positive way, and I agree if it was meant to be positive: companies that are looking are lucky that you’re available.

    • @Brian, anonymous: Thanks for making it clear, this is another lesson for me, I gotta learn more about language (English) ๐Ÿ™‚
      My bad..
      Thanks again for wishes.

    • Rahul Jain

      Hi Abdul,
      What would be a good way to reach to you? I am in the US, so please send me what would be a good time to call you as well. Send me an email.

    • Hi Abdul,
      Welcome on board!
      I came back to being independent about a year ago… been a bit away from flex though. Mostly working in business innovation using semantic web tech and starting up a dev shop.
      But, I am trying to get up to speed.
      Check out Jesse’s post if you haven’t already.
      Best of lucks,

    • Tahira

      Hi Abdul,
      I must say i like the way you just put your cards out on the table. Effective surely…..
      Just wanted to get in touch with you on an opportunity that might be of some interest to you and Indian developers.
      Do let me know what is the best way to get in touch with you, an email works best for me.
      Have nice day,

    • Hi Abdul,
      This is great, i would like to know that whether Life Cycle DataServices (LCD’s) and BlazeDS is there in the Training List.If yes iam interested and will plan it out.This is a great help.Let me know.awaiting your reply.

    • Edwin Merced

      Hello Abdul:
      May have some projects where I can use your expertise. Would appreciate your email. Thanks

    • mahedi

      i’m mahedi from bangladesh. i’m trying to buildup a application with flash lite 1.1(macromedia) remoting(amfphp) mysql.But i’m not sucessfull.pls gudie me(tutorials, examples etc. whatever).i’m waiting your email.
      keep in touch.

    • Sudhir

      Hi Abdul,
      Myself and my colleague have been working on developing a FLEX/AIR/SQLite based solution that might be of interest to you.
      Please send me your contact details so we can discuss further.
      Orange County, CA

    • Congratulations !!
      Can’t believe I missed this post … all the best !

    • Congrats Abdul !!