Slowdown or recession – how do you take it?

I am not an expert when it comes to economics and finance, trying to learn things with each passing day. I have been watching and reading news, listening to people who are good at the subject.

After having known the slowdown/recession details, I spent good amount of time thinking, reading the causes and effects. Not sure, if I should have gone into all those details.

I realize, more I read worse it gets, I get concerned, upset and distracted after reading layoffs, dead(dying)-startups and future.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess that fits here, unaware of these details I was far more focused on what I do.

I am going to stop focusing on this whole slowdown/recession thing and just focus on how I can do things better than ever? How can I help my customers by providing better solution to their problems?

I am going to focus on building a team which is technically great, innovative, focused and very motivated.

Future means how well we do today i.e. foundations for tomorrow. If we do things better today, tomorrow is going to be alright. By just reading and spending time discussing, I am not going to achieve much – I would rather spend that time improving processes, practices and culture in my office.

BTW! Our company is doing well and we have good amount of work, perhaps it’s because not many from our team know about what’s going on, hence they are focused.

I am optimistic.

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  • Abdul, I completely agree with your point that Ignorance is bliss. Its more like an analysis-paralysis situation. The more you analyze the situation the more sick you feel. So its better to focus on the work in hand.

  • SA

    However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
    Very nice to have a positive outlook!

  • Hi Abdul,
    thanks for running this site!
    Being a Flash (+php) developer myself, I appreciate the contact with colleagues and other people around the planet *a lot*.
    Speaking of the ‘economic crisis’:
    I don’t know too much about world economics.
    For the moment, I have more than enough to do. I think that your notion of being optimistic is very good & useful. Hey, after all, we’re all trying to do something good & useful. BTW: For the moment, I’m working a lot on projects regarding the demands of the deaf community in switzerland – it’s such a privilege & so much fun!
    I just think we all have to stick together.
    Best regards,
    Peter from Switzerland

  • Pandu

    Hi Abdul,
    Good to see you in +ve mood. Yes, we can’t rectify the past sore things. All that we can do is, let it not repeat and stay focussed to future. Wishing you only the BEST for your new venture.
    Good luck!

  • Abdul,
    You know what, I was very much worried and frustrated about Recession. I realized that the more you talk the more badly it gets. Very rightly u said, we need to be positive and fight against it, and for sure the economy look will change in no time.

  • Sometime ignorance is really bliss. I have spent my childhood and most of my teenage in a small town of Assam reading the newspapers which used to reach our town almost at the end of the day from Kolkata. Things were really different at that time. Now thanks to internet I am flooded with information and which is making me more restless, worried about the happenings around me. Those days I have read about the ‘great depression’ but those mere read were not able to touch me because I could not relate myself with all those but now I can relate myself and I am part of it. It’s going to affect our existents either the way if I close my eyes or not.
    Ignorance is really bliss

  • zoram

    Abdul, I too believe that an optimistic outlook is the best attitude yet.The recession may not be over in 6 months, or it may…who knows? In such a situation a pessimistic view on the future will only worsen things…in reality nobody’s left out-but the degree sure is different. Let’s hope we rebound very soon 🙂
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  • “I am optimistic” – good for you Abdul! May your company do brilliantly.