Live Documents – AIR app

After a long time, I checked out Live Documents’ website and found they have released an Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) application called “Live Presentation”.

I couldn’t resist to check it out and hence started looking at it. I am impressed, it has neat user-interface though there is a room of improvement. Overall, Live Presentations is nicely done.


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  • Anil

    Oh, they are back again. It seems they are serious this time. Nice to see that some Indian folks are doing some serious work. I certainly hope they will easily find a place in the online office arena, as their competitors’ products have got flaws in them. Having said that, I guess their information about domain names is outdated. Domain sites with dashes inside are not taken seriously. If you want to become big, you have to behave like bigs. ‘Live documents’ has become famous in the IT world, so most of the job has already been done. Now spending a few bucks on something important, i.e. live documents without a dash resolves many issues and sends a serious message to the well-wishers of these Indian folks. I find it difficult to comprehend that Sabeer Bhatia doesn’t have any one in his team who can advise him sincerely. I read many blogs in 2007 when it was initially launched and all the commentators concluded the same. The whole world cannot be wrong.

  • @Anil Yea domain-name has dash, it could have been one word rather.