Irresponsible News paper: iNext (by Jagran)

Yesterday, I was in Cafe Coffee Day with my brother and a friend from work. Two girls walked to us, with a camera in hand and id-cards hanging in their necks–suggesting they are journalists for iNext daily news-paper by Jagran.

They asked, if we (three of us) are professionals and would want to be photographed for an article on professionals. Initially, I was very reluctant because I hardly knew them and can’t trust if they are really journalists. Anyway, my brother said, it’s alright and they are from iNext by Jagran (he went on Jagran’s image in India).

Anyway, today we noticed our photographs in iNext in a music-section. Where we are shown praising some music from some movie, honestly I never heard that song and about that movie.

In any case, this is totally wrong reporting/journalism and irresponsible act, where they are not only presenting false information but also lying to people. How irresponsible journalists can be and on top of that, how can a news-paper hire such lame people?

Since morning, I have been asked several times, it’s irritating and I am upset. I have just written an email to editor of the iNext, let’s see what he has to say.

  • I am firm believer of thing that news that you read or hear is most of the times not very true! It’s always gets changed as per viewpoint of newswriter/reporter.

  • On the bright side, maybe it wasn’t such a bad song.. :p

  • They wont reply, i know the guys personally… jagran group also has some tie up with , try writing a common mail to both of them

  • jack

    Abdul, I have a tendancy to respond to rhetorical questions, so…The “newspapers” hire lame people because, the people in positions of power are lame. Listen, these “journalists”, whether it be here in the states, across the pond or in India, seem to have developed a lack of integrity. Just as the principles of taking The Hippocratic oath have been denigrated (acknowledging that it means nothing to some, both legally and metaphorically) so have the standards of reporting in the media. An unfortunate byproduct of our environment and past and probably future) is that people abuse of the freedoms conceded to them, especially the freedom of conscience. peace out!