Adobe Store is still not accessible

I need a Adobe Flash CS4 Professional upgrade license because some projects need to be updated. I can not order online from India. I really don’t have time to seek a resellers help on this, I know it would take weeks to get the license.

I requested a friend in USA to buy it for me, he has been trying to do that but it seems Adobe store application, which is done in Flex, throws a lot of errors. A few things, which I have reported in past, like asking for exact address (line by line). In this case, I guess, store application requires the address even when you choose Paypal as payment option?

I don’t have exact details in hand now, but I can see my friend has been having trouble buying Flash CS4 on Adobe store. I know this friend of mine, he is a developer himself and very good at things, so I know,he is doing right, I would rather say, store-application is not done well. He has recently helped me getting a FlexBuilder 3 upgrade license and he had problems even then. It took two days and various attempts, perhaps a phone call also, to get that license.

No wonder, why people blame Flash Platform for lack of usability and accessibility, most of the times it’s the developers who don’t implement things correctly and platform gets a bad name.

I have also started feeling, why can’t stores have multiple options – I might want to choose simple html interface, if I am on mobile or slow connection?

Yet another frustration and my project is delayed by now. I could have bought license earlier, if I knew the requirements earlier.
I hope someday, Adobe and Apple would realize that they can help thousand of people like me, by just enabling online purchase, even if it takes order and makes me send cheque/bank-draft to them, if not credit-card/paypal integration.

I hope someday, these companies would realize that most of people in countries like India don’t have access to real stores/resellers in their cities or states. Yes, I happen to live in a city where it’s hard to get things, I have to travel, at least twelve hours (round-trip) for even simple purchase and with no certainty, I would get the stuff at the stores, whichever is there.

I hope, these companies help to reduce the piracy in India. I hope, these companies realize they can make people do the right by being more accessible to them.

I wonder, what is holding these companies? Is it sales guys who don’t want to have an online store? Is someone getting some favors from resellers?

I don’t get, why to have a middle man in this age, when an online store can enable a lot of users, not only buy but also have faster access to things.

I can not believe it’s tax issue or things like that, it’s lack of will to do. I am sure, there are other stores running well here in India.

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  • James Leica

    You should understand this is a traditional way of selling a product and has been the same for hundred years, you want to get something, contact your regular reseller before going to town is so easy than wasting time waiting.

    You mentioned that if your Internet connection, that right, Adobe didn’t implement for your location is because most of the user in your country do not own high-speed broadband, but who would use the Store on mobile?

    For Paypal, you have misunderstood that Adobe require an extra step of information. No, Adobe is doing correctly, no seller is able to access your credit card and other details details except by transaction number, that all, this is to protect you.

    You only just purchase *once* and its done, I don’t see the uncertainly as you see.

    By the way, I lived in Singapore. It only took me less than 1 hour of travel to purchase Adobe CS4.

    • Since you live in Singapore and can get things in an hour, it’s easier for you to talk things like that. Come to India and feel the frustration whenever you want to buy a product… I am sure, in no time you would also feel like us 🙂

      Thanks for comment.


    • Ashish

      Hi James,
      The world is changing and so should we. When we have Mobile and Laptops with 24 hours net facility why should not we use them instead of going to the market to get the products. Am sorry but i don’t agree with your views…….

  • I actually had similar problems when I tried to order CS3 (I’m in a country in Eastern Europe). Weird error messages, card rejected for no reasons and so on. I tried for ONE MONTH to buy it, I contacted Adobe support but no one could help. The local resellers were ridiculously expensive; in the end I ordered the products from an Adobe reseller in Ireland.

    Interestingly, when I ordered CS4 last year, the whole process went smoothly. Same location, same credit card…

    • Exactly the same here in Russia. It seems Adobe don’t need our money but just only want to talk about piracy 🙂

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  • Hi,
    You can now buy Adobe,Corel,Quark and other original softwares from The first of it’s kind in India. Absolut Info Systems in Authorized Partner for Adobe and Corel and National Distributor for Quark.

    • No surprise, you don’t have Adobe Flex/Flash Builder, like other ignorant resellers in India.

    • Sonia271106

      Flex is not a fast moving product from Adobe. We have taken a step to bridge the gap for online sales in India and are positive to take the same to next level. We have close to 1000 odd products from different manufacturers and would be adding a lot more in times to come. In case a product is not listed feel free to drop in an email or a telecall.