InfiBeam – Online Store for India

Infibeam is like Amazon for India, I am mostly interested in books and could find most of the books on Infibeam. There are some, which I believe they would import and ship to you.

Infibeam is shipping free anywhere in India, that’s another good thing.

I have been buying books from Infibeam for sometime, so far experience has been good except one particular instance.

I ordered a book, everything went well and I was told within one or two week, book would be shipped. After waiting for a week or so, I get an email from Infibeam that since book is out of stock, they would not be able to ship it. I exchanged couple of emails with their staff, asking the reasons and how it should be – if you confirmed the order, you should deliver the book, otherwise you might loose some customers.

BTW! It has been more than a month, I believe, they are yet to refund the money for the order they could not complete 🙂

Having said all (positive and negative experience), I feel, overall, it looks good to me. That one instance is out of 10, so I am going to continue trying them

  • I’ve bought books from which I like to think of as also the Amazon of India :), and have have very good experience with them.

    • @Swaroop – Thanks for sharing the link, I am going to try it.

    • customer

      I agree. My expereince with infibeam has been really bad -twice! once they gave wrong tracking number and have not refunded the money, and before that shipping was delayed. also, their customer service is very poor.
      I have since then started ordering from FLIPKART.COM. their customer service standards are amazing!!

    • Well, I am a happy customer of Infibeam, except couple of times I have had good experience so far. I would look at

  • Karan

    I compared the prices at both infibeam and and I found a substantial difference in both sites. offers same books at cheaper price. I have tried their online store myself and was very satisfied with their service, got the book very next day.

  • hiteshpatel

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