Job Opening: Flash Platform Developer

We are looking for some smart Flash Platform Developers who can be part of our team in Allies Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur, U.P.

We are a design and development company in Kanpur, though we are small but we are ambitious and have a great vision.

I posted the details on Flex-India sometimes back, pasting the same (edited the typos and formatted) over here:-

I have been meaning to post this for sometime but thought would it be appropriate to do that here?

I am part of a small design and development shop in Kanpur, U.P. Where, we mostly do web development using FOSS, mainly LAMP.

I moved to kanpur around 10 months back with a desire to build a great Flash Platform Team that would work on non-trivial type service projects and some great product ideas.

I could now start doing it, after we have managed to fix a lot of issues mostly a nice office, a good culture and some projects and a product in pipeline.

I need an experienced Flash Platform developer in my team, who can help us to make our vision, desire and dreams a reality.

Since Kanpur is not a metro or fancy place to live, it takes more than just technical aptitude to be here. That is some more strong reason f.ex. A desire to be part of a growing team, desire to be close to family, desire to contribute in the development of IT ecosystem in North and/or a desire to prove, hell yeah we can do great stuff from anywhere, even cities like Kanpur 🙂

If you think, you want to help me by being part of my team and understand what I meant above, please don’t hesitate to contact me on [abdul dot qabiz at gmail dot com] off-list i.e. Direct email to me, please don’t reply here on this list.

As far as job description goes, I have already given an idea. However, we are looking for someone who understands web very well that is HTTP and other standards. Fundamentally good at problem solving, the real world ones, ActionScript, Flex Framework, Adobe Flash Player and AIR fundamentals and APIs.

Of course, good experience that says about in your behalf. We would also talk to you so things would get clear, i.e. If we are match for each other.

If you want to know more about company, please check out

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  • Hozefa

    Can a fresher like me be a part of your team?

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  • Man…nice work. Dats wat being a kanpurite is all about. Me and my pal thought of an e-business idea and well like today only we presented it to some big shot in bangalore. I hope we get the needed help and start with our first step towards entrepreneurship.
    And bro…i know a very phaadu guy for visual effects….he won the Frameboxx Indaia competition and also won an ?International competition in Dubai where Dubai govt. called him with an all expenses paid trip. He’s also very ambitious just like us…and due to some family issues, prefers to stay in kanpur. tell me if u got a room for ‘red hot talent’….trust me he’s d one man show!

    all the best . keep posting

    • @frostedwater (sorry didn’t get your name): Thanks for sharing your views. I would love to get in touch with friends of yours, can you ask him to email me (abdul dot qabiz at gmail dot com) or if you don’t mind, you can give me his email-id/phone, we can get in touch with him.



  • hey mate…
    I’ve forwarded your e-mail ID to my friend.
    He’ll soon get in touch with you. He got two very peculiar characteristics.
    First, He’s very hard working to an extent which can be called as getting obsessed with work. And second, he’s the one man show when it comes to ‘visual effects’ thing.
    Anyways…hope you guys strike something good.

  • itjob123

    Thanks for information. I have 6 months experience in other field. Like BPO

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