BSNL 3G configuration – new access point name

It seems BSNL secretly changed the 3G access-point details around couple of weeks back, so my 3g connection stopped working. I looked over internet to figure out the latest configuration details, I couldn’t locate one.

I talked to BSNL 3G technical guys in Kanpur and to my surprise, most of them were also not aware of the change. Thankfully, one of the guys from BSNL Bangalore office, confirmed the latest access-point details, as shown below:

Access point name: bsnlnet

In case you are wondering, what all other changed, that’s it. JFYI! Old access-point name was, which doesn’t work anymore.

So if you have been unable to use BSNL 3G during last couple of weeks, perhaps new access-point name can work for you.

I am not sure, if there are different access-point name for different parts of country (north, south, east, west)?

  • Sathishkumar

    Thank you!

  • bsnl3g

    Hi Abdul,

    Any idea wen bsnl 3g will b out in Bangalore.. Business standard carried an article telling it would be launched in July.. It’s been a week and there hasn been any news from bsnl.. I was in UK all these years n am used to “always-connected-on-the-move” stuff thanks to 3g out there.. Am very eager to hv the connection.. Hope its out soon.. Nways jst in case u have any news gimme a heads up.. Cheers..

    • I was thinking BSNL launched it country wide. It’s strange, it’s not in Bangalore? Did you check with them? If Kanpur can have, Bangalore should have it already. If I come to know, I would post a reply here.

  • bsnl3g

    Yea it’s absolutely weird ryt..I can confirm it’s not in Bangalore .. Lemme knw if u get any info on it.. Thanks!

  • Md. Shahid

    I’ve started realising the problem related to access point, but the bsnl technical unable to provide any support. I’ll try to change the access point name.

  • @Md. Shahid
    so far as I know BSNL has the following access points for 2G:
    similarly east, west
    So try for your zone

    SOUTH ZONE USERS: BSNL’s settings give wrong access point for internet(PC) and will not work. You will have to configure your handset on your own.

  • Sharif

    thank you very much for my 3g is working perfectly. those dumbasses at BSNL dont know anything about the new APNs.

  • Deepu Sharma

    Hi !! I am in Sikkim and I have tried access point to log 3g in my pc but .. it does not work.. only 2g is working… can u please suggest me if i need to make any changes.. I stay in Gangtok (capital of Sikkim)

    • I think, access point has changed again and I am yet to update my post. It’s now “bsnlnet”, that works for me.

  • apurvasrishti

    I love you abdul!!
    and so does my SE Xperia !!

    thanks for correct settings.
    the new APN is simply “bsnlnet”


  • nitin pandey

    please tell me what is the access point name for bsnl 3g in up east area please please

  • Bala

    Well in Bangalore I work with

  • Prajit Anand

    Please use the following link:

  • dj

    i ve alwys wondered about bsnl officials… They r the biggest fools and arrogant idiots i ve ever seen… They dont know anything about their own system, network or tarif or anything.. Just sit in ac and slip off by evening.. Whatever doubt v ask they just passively tell that no information has been given to them…. Its a group of culturless idiots… To hell vid bsnl….

    • Poki

      BSNL–Bhool Se Na Lena.

  • Rahul Rethudia

    what i do for access 3g in my nokia x6 handset? iam from west zone

  • Baratam Siddhartha

    For model it is asking apn number wt is that tell me