Adobe Flash Platform and I

It appears to me (and perhaps others), I have distanced myself from Adobe Flash Platform during last couple of years. Not because I don’t like it, actually I love it, rather due to some other priorities here at our company, which does lot more (web-standards and design) than flash/flex stuff.

All this time, I have been keeping very low profile in flash-platform community, literally not talking about anything. I feel bad about it, I don’t know ‘why’.

I have done some trivial stuff (video players, flashlite and air apps) but nothing very cool or useful to everyone else.

My to-do list contains a long-list of applications targeted towards Adobe Flash Platform (desktop and other devices), I am supposed to do; Considering, my plate is full with all other responsibilities, I am not spending even 1/4th of the time writing actionscript.

Meanwhile, I have tried to encourage my team to learn actionscript and flex-framework. I even tried to hire some flash (or flex?) developers. I even managed to hire one flex developer last year.

Unfortunately, this person left the company as soon as when it was time to contribute back after 6 months training (no contribution period). That was big set back, a discouragement to me; I stopped looking for Flash/Flex developers.

I keep on promising myself, that I would do these applications; I keep on forgiving myself when I am not getting those done.

Anyway, there is still hope, I would building applications the on language (ActionScript), I am very good at. There is still hope, this blog would have more posts related to Adobe Flash Platform.

  • Piyush

    Hi Abdul!

    I just got to know your blog and it looks pretty awesome. There is tons of stuff there! i will definitely bookmark it! 🙂
    anyways i am too working as a Flex Dev and i don’t know pretty much other then AS3 and Flex, which i’m sure i know a little bit but i consider myself a avg programmer. I know you are not a consultant or so but still i am stuck here and i am confused what to do as i know AS3 and Flex only! i am working in a small firm which pays me OK but technology wise we are at the same level. What should i do? what should i learn and where should my career lead?
    I have worked with a separate Wowza guy and .Net guys so i don’t have to do server side. I am really confused about my direction as i know i can survive in this firm but not in another.

    Thanks and it would be very kind of you if you will take some time to help me a little bit.
    Please feel free to mail me @ [email protected] It would mean a lot to me!