Good WiFi Makes Good Neighbours

I found this article quite interesting. It talks about how we can share our broadband connection with our neighbours by allowing them to access our WiFi access-point.
It might seem strange idea but imagine this way an entire city can go WiFi. Yes, this is a project called Community Hotspot Project. I believe, it started in New York to make NYC wireless but it has also spread in other parts of USA.
You can download a kit which comes with some applications for hotspot setup, bandwidth control etc. There are some more applications which allow users interact with WiFi owner.
That's how it becomes a small community within the hotspot area, where visitors/users can say 'Thanks' to hotspot owner or talk about anything :). Some people seem to have made good friends, that's what the subject of this post says.
I find this idea cool. In my SF visit, I have been using such open WiFi connection for almost one month, until I setup my own WiFi access point.
I would also do the same thing in India provided I have enough bandwidth. But I am still wondering, which is the best broadband provider(ISP) in Bangalore?
During my search, I came across this link(PDF), which gave me a better idea about different broadband players in Bangalore.